This is so gross. Help me please.

Actually, it’s gross and painful. I don’t know what it is or where it came from, or why I have it. I’ve had it for a few weeks now, almost a month. It’s gone from bumps, like bug bites, so little sores, to this and this.
It’s different angles of the same leg. Luckily, this hasn’t spread.
So, does anybody know what it is? What I can do about it? Right now I put neo-sporin pain reliever and a bandaid on it. Should I go to the doctor? I haven’t freaked out yet, but I’m getting close.

Go see a doctor. Now. Why are you still reading this? Go now!

I agree, you need to see a doctor.

So why are you still reading this?

Yeah, go see a doctor ASAP, but in the meantime…

Let’s diagnose Pepper’s gross leg!

I say it’s shingles.

I think it looks a lot like the yeast infection hubby had on his upper thigh and groin (yes, you can get them on your skin, and they’re not just for women!). Bastardly itchy/painful – it kept him awake at night, and this is a man who can sleep through anything. He got it from overusing the heating pad on his hip – too much moist heat.

Pepper, have you, by any chance, been wading in poison ivy? That looks like an allergic reaction to something. I’d ice it and take it to a Dr. pronto.

Pepper, I tried to ask Greta about it, and showed her your pictures (long story). She says these things are notoriously difficult to diagnose without seeing them in person, and she thinks it would be difficult to say what it could be. It could be one of several things already mentioned in here, but you will probably have to break down and go to a doc.

If money is the issue, can you go to a nurse practicioner or urgent care clinic? These often cost a lot less then a doc, and are usually covered well by insurance.

YIKES!!! You got da cooties!!!

We aint doctors here but thanks for the pictures, I just ate dinner, too…

Ya need to see a real doc so they can get a closer examination. Could be anything from yeast to worms to poison oak etc.

My vote would be shingles…

Is the pain localized to the rash, or is it a tingly, nerve pain?

Have you tried Hydrocortisone cream or taking Benadryl? An allergy-type rash (ie poison ivy, etc) will usually respond to this treatment.

If it’s a yeast or fungus-involved rash, Lamisil will work great.

I’ve tried benadril and hydrocortizone. It helped the itch, but didn’t bring it down.
I know it’s not poison oak or poison ivy.
The pain is localized to the rash. And it’s not a constant pain, sometimes it doesn’t bother me at all. Othertimes something will agravate it, and it’ll itch and hurt at the same time.
Right now, what would make the most sense is a yeast infection. This rash started in the summer time when I wore shorts a lot, and sat on the vinal computer chair.
So, is it possible it’s just a skin irritation that’s got disgustingly, uh, irritated?

How about a Doctor Smith or Jones if you can’t find “pronto” in the phone book …

Seriously, go see a doctor of any name, but it looks like poison ivy / oak to my unprofessional eye as well. I’ve had to learn to watch out for the damn stuff in recent years. I never used to be affected by it, but I’ve suddenly become sensitive, and got a couple of really nasty cases of it that took weeks to clear up.

Oops, my reply attached to wise-ass remark crossed your further info. Sorry.

It’s possible it could be yeast. Like I said, Lamisil would clear up a topical yeast infection within 2-3 days, but use it for a full week.

Babies get diaper rash with a super-infection of yeast a lot in hot, humid weather.

If the rash is on the outer thigh where air can get to it, it probably isn’t yeast, though. The area would have to stay pretty moist to keep an infection like that going. (But since you’ve been putting antibiotic ointment on it and occluding it, you may be creating a great yeast environment)

Pep, have you taken any antibiotics internally recently? Do you have pets?

Oral antibiotics can sway the balance of the body’s flora from bacteria to fungus. Presto: ringworm. Smear with tolnaftate (Tinactin®), cover with sterile gauze.

Even if we knew what it was, we couldn’t Rx you.

Could be ringworm. You might also check that big red spot on your leg :slight_smile:

Actually, not technically ringworm. Antibiotics tend to change the balance, yes, but to the Candidia fungus, rather than Tinea. Thus, candidiasis. That’s my best guess. Same treatment.

But–I’m not a doctor. Go see a doctor!!!


There’s an indention on one end of the “redness”. Has that always been there? Is that the area where it first started? If the answers are “no”, and “yes” (in that order), I’d suspect a spider bite. At least that’s what it looks like to me. The only thing making me think that it’s not a spider bite is the amount of time it took to get to this point. Most spiders in my area that can do that type of damage to your flesh, will do so in a much quicker time frame (about a week).

I’m almost certain that I’m not right, but just wanted to get my guess in before YOU GO TO THE DOCTOR.

Sound plausible. I used to get something milder on the inside of my elbows…(still do, sometimes…) when I would wear my patent vinyl jacket…it looked very gross…it looks like it’s caused by sweat…
But then, I ALWAYS get rashes on my skin…(not my face, thank god…just what looks like huge mosquito bites up and down my legs…)
Go to your doctor.