This Is So Not Fair...or Proof God Has A Sick Sense of Humor

As much as I rag on my IRL friends here, I still love them and hate to see anything bad happen to them. That’s why I am so angry right now.
My friend Jessica was diagnosed with multiple scerosis a year ago. At first it seemed like it was progressing slowly and as long as she took her meds, she was ok.

I have to point out that Jess is one of those people who is just so sweet and purehearted you can’t help but love her. A pure bundle of energy and one of the funniest people I know. She works full and part time, volunteers for charity and still finds time to hang out with us.

Well, the MS has gone from slow progression to ultra fast. From occassional spells of numbness to grand mal seizures. Right now, Jess is at home, not knowing if she’ll be able to come back to work, or drive her car, or even walk again.

This is living proof god has a sick sense of humor.

[sub]Yes, I know I’m whining again but I had to vent. This sucks. [/sub]

Or proof of no god at all.

Stole my post August.

Life sucks Hardy, for alot of people, if illness doesnt get us, something else will.

Sympathies to your friend.

If there is a creator, he (or she) definitely has a twisted sense of humor. He does, after all, so enjoy tormenting Jerry Falwell with visions of gay purple Teletubbies; and then there is that nasty prank of not calling Jerry home when the rest of us were so looking forward to it.

IMHO, better to think that misfortune happens of it’s own accord than believe that some cruel deity intends for good people to suffer. Best wishes for your friend.


My best to your friend.

Waverly, He was supposed to call Oral home (love saying Oral), but Jerry could go as far as I care also.

Sir Rhosis

mea culpa, I confused my religious fanatics.

Agreed Waverly, not to mention that sick psychos like Fred (God Hates Fags) Phelps seem to get a free pass.

Apologies to believers, but it galls me to no end when, in the midst of tragedy, some people say, “Well God has plans for you.”, or “Even though you just lost both arms and both legs, God has a special place for you.” Fuck That!

Makes me glad I’m a one-legged atheist. I know not to expect much :smiley:

hardy, that sucks more then words can say.


hardygrrl, I wish the best for your friend Jessica, and please pardon my self-absorbed rant, it had no place here.

I apologize.

Well, it’s a thin, thin branch, but here…

Me and the rest of the Girls went to visit Jess today.
We walk into her apartment (I have keys and had called before). She’s sitting on the couch, her right side in full tremor, and yells “Just call me Lefty!”
Proof she is an amazing person.
Later, we all had the Serious Talk about her condition and what may happen down the road. She told us she’d understand if we couldn’t always involve her in our activities. (Doesn’t that make barhopping sound important?)

I told her she’s always welcome and wanted, no matter what happens.

She stood by me during the hardest part of my life (the lllness and death of my nephew) and I’ll be damned if I won’t do the same for her.

Best wishes for your friend, hardygrrl. I hate using the “bad things happen to good people” cliche, but in this instance it’s true.

I hope she can maintain the good attitude - it’s an important thing to have.

I’m glad Jessica has a friend like you, hardygrrl.

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I disagree with you when you say that God has a sick sense of humour, he/she just seems to be a sick rat bastard for inflicting your friend with such a debilitating disease.

A woman I work with was diagnosed with MS a few years ago just as things in her life were really starting to come together. She had to give up a promotion that she had worked hard for and almost called off her wedding.

She is doing much better now and to the joy of everyone has come back to work.

I wish the very best for your friend and yourself as you stand by her in this.

It ain’t about God, folks. God doesn’t play dice with the universe. Nor does it get involved personally with the vast majority of people out there. That’s not what it’s about. Shit happens (and in this case, it’s pretty shitty). Blame everything on God, and our personal triumphs and tragedies mean nothing. It’s hardygrrl’s friend’s attitude that’s made her special. It has nothing to do with God. That’s her triumph. Blame her tragedy on God, and you also have to give her triumph up.

Best wishes to you and your friend, hardygrrl. Close friends who stand beside her, as you’re doing, will make everything better for her.


I talked to Jess today. She has a doctor’s appointment tomorrow and they’re re-evaluating her meds. If things go well, she could be back to work in a week.

[sub]I’m still torn if that’s a good thing or not, hehehe[/sub]
I stand in awe of her. I don’t think I could remain as positive as her if I was in her shoes. She rocks.

*Originally posted by jadailey *

So, he just makes people and lets them suffer needlessly. Gee, that’s a whole bunch nicer.

If I made people (i.e, had children), and did nothing to help them when they suffered when it was well within my power, that makes me a criminal and and all-around prick. Now, why am I held up to higher standards than God?

*Originally posted by Revtim *

This really should go to a whole new thread. But, I’m feeling lazy. Sorry.

There’s a world of difference between causing suffering (i.e. abusing your kids) and letting them solve their own problems. You really think God is abusive?

Your post implies two things: 1) that disease and such is random and not caused by God or any higher power (which was my point) and 2) that God is obligated to provide miracles when such things do occur. I don’t really think you believe that.

Unless I misread you - in which case you seem to be stating that God both causes disease and is obligated to end it. Either way, mankind shouldn’t have to deal with anything bad, because God will kiss away the boo-boos. Or go to jail as an abusive parent.

Sorry about the hijack, hardygrrl. If it continues, I WILL start a new thread.

My apologies, hardygrrl I didn’t realize we playing ‘praise the lord and pass the interferons’. I promise to drop it after a quick comment:

So god is great and all powerful… until something goes wrong… in which case don’t blame him because he’s too important to get involved? ** jadailey**, I don’t find it particularly ‘Christian’ to equate dealing with a chronic illness with “solving your own problems.”

I personally agree with you jadaily that disease is random and not caused by God. In fact, I am atheist.

But the analogy I was trying to make was not of a parent who abuses his or her child directly, but one who ignores the child’s sickness (which suppose is legally child abuse, also).

If there was an omnipotent God who had created man, then I do indeed feel it would be its obligation to prevent harm from coming to its “children”, just as humans are obligated to do what they can to prevent harm from coming to their offspring.

When humans can prevent pain and suffering, they are morally obligated to do so. Yet, those who believe in God hold their deity to a lower moral standard than they hold themselves. If you want, feel free to open another thread in Great Debates to explain this dichotomy. But, if the answer is “God works in mysterious ways” or some variant, don’t bother.