This is some gay shit

I just came downstairs to see my roommate’s friend (who I know) watching my Another Gay Movie DVD. Of all the movies I’ve ever seen, AGM is the one that I couldn’t imagine anyone outside of its narrow target audience watching. I always fantasized (not sexually) about “challenging” a straight male to watch it just to see if he could handle the explicit content, and now I get to stumble across someone volunteering on his own.

First words to me when I see him and what he’s watching - “Man…this is some gay shit”.
“Why would you say something that obvious as if you didn’t see the title?”
“I thought it was going to like Another Teen Movie or something”
“It is”
“But I didn’t think it was really going to be that gay. I mean this is gay… This is really really gay…”
“It’s probably the gayest movie ever” (In fact the director stated that that was his intention in making it)
“I don’t doubt it. I’m glad I’m so secure - because this movie is funny as shit!”

Ah, so it does have outside appeal.

“Heh, really? Did you see the part where the teacher was trying to shove a giant dildo up the main character’s butt, and he was like: ‘NO! NO! NO! No. no…no…yes…yes…yes! Yes! Oh YES!’”
Oh yeah! Ha ha ha!”

I guess a fan of spoofs is a fan of spoofs.

Ah…another gay sunshine day.

Nico was extremely annoying but overall the movie was pretty solidly funny. And damn, James Getzlaff from “Boy Meets Boy” is hawt. He always came off like such a goddy goody on the show too.

And the geekboy with glasses can espouse my stereotype any day of the week.

All of the lead boys were do-able (even Nico once the artifical flame was extinguished). I’m looking forward to the sequel.

All in all, a really fun twist on the spoof genre, but I still can’t get the images of a naked Richard Hatch, and Graham Norton as a leather daddy out of my mind.

You think that’s gay? Have you seen this!?

Seen it!? I posed for the orginal!

Grin FML

(Not gay at all, oh no!)

Ain’t nobody gonna call you a liar on that one. I don’t know if you could break a stick on that boy’s ass but I’d sure like to find out (though I still think Wes was hotter from that series- and that fag-hag friend of his, lord, I still have nightmares).

My favorite part of the movie (other than glorious gratuitous male on male nudity) was the fact they not only used the same mom from Edge of Seventeen as Nico’s mom (same director did both) but had the same “sitting at the piano/confrontation” scene, only with slightly different outcomes. (“OF COURSE YOU’RE GAY! I’ve known that since you dressed as Karen Black from Airport 75 when you were three!”)

This was a major event for all of us who were teenagers through years of straight-boy aimed Porkys and “horny kids go to the beach” movies. And one of the hottest scenes is in the deleted moments- when Griff and Jarod are in nekkid afterglow.

“Bubble Butt! Bubble Butt! Bubble Butt!”

I’m always surprised by who rents this. Yes, mostly gay men, but about every 5th or 6th person who brings it to the counter is outside that demo.

Oh, god yes. You guys can have the main character. I’m gonna go looking for a plaintain.

Any straight guys or mostly women (other than the gays)?

The biggest audience of Queer as Folk was straight women.

I dunno, it’s hard to tell. I think I’ll have to see Wes engaged in some naked simulated sex before I can make up my mind.

Loved Eo17 so of course recognized the scene (but not that it was the same Mom). Didn’t have as strong a reaction to it as you did, either the original or the parody.

Didn’t see any deleted scenes; I watched it on here!. I may have to invest in the DVD now.

Ran into him in a bar in Palm Springs last year. He’s quite a good looking guy in person.

I watched NAGM with my SO and his mom and stepdad. Now that was funny. Though I really didn’t need to see Richard Hatch without the censoring fuzz.

I’m straight and saw it. My girlfriend’s gay best friend suggested it, and we watched it together. I thought it was hilarious, especially the Richard Hatch bits.

If you enjoyed that movie, I’d also reccomend Adam and Steve.

That’s just rude, making fun of a man’s bits!

Oh god no, awful awful movie. Can’t discourage people strongly enough from Adam and Steve.

I’m straight and i’m pretty sure I could handle it. I watched every episode of the original British “Queer as Folk” 2 or 3 times because I thought it was a superb programme. Straight porn doesn’t do anything for me and I don’t think gay porn would upset me.