This is...surprising

So, there’s a thread by that title in the BBQ Pit, but if I click on it, I’m told:

What’s so special about this thread? Why not just lock it or delete it, if the mods don’t want us to access it.

I would tell you, but I’ve been warned not to.

A mod forgot to delete the move notice for the thread (presumably deleted for legitimate reasons, or illegitimate reasons when it involves sheep).

In addition to what duckster said, the mods don’t like deleting stuff, so they [del]stick it where the sun don’t shine[/del] move it to somewhere inaccessible to mere mortals. Hence the error message.

It was probably deleted/moved to the cornfield since you loaded the page that contained the tread title. I’d bet that if you went back to the pit it’s not there anymore (or is there and you can access it just fine.

I think the thing most people want to know at this point is: was that surprising?

It was supposed to be disappeared entirely, as others have already answered, but the redirect was forgotten about.

And in these cases (when a topic is moved out of members view, whether the redirect is still there or if it’s just remembered to exist by someone) we really ask that you PM a staff member rather than start an ATMB topic, so I’m going to close this one now.