What happened to the "How to be an outstanding social justice warrior" thread?

Uh, something odd just came up: the other day, Arrogant Bstrd (um, who is now banned, it seems—'No idea what the story is on that one) started a thread, “How to be an outstanding Social Justice Warrior.” The response seemed pretty tame, all things considered. 'Coupla people (including me) made Tom Leher jokes.

Well, the thing is, today, the thread didn’t even come up in the SDMB search results, but going to it’s address in my history gives me a vBulletin " you do not have permission to access this page." error message, and the thread title had a “Moved:” redirect tag in IMHO, but that produced the same result.

I’m not in a twist about this, or anything, but this is the first time I think I’ve ever seen this happen to a thread, in my time here, and especially one that, at least according to the last cache update, wasn’t out of control, or even very notable.

I’m just puzzled, more than anything else. The heck?

It’s happened before. I have a hunch if you PM a Mod, he or she will be happy to explain what happened. And I suspect the “Banned” factor is caught up in it.

It actually happens all the time. When the mods ban someone they often disappear their threads so the banned poster can not gloat in glee to all their friends that even though they were banned their threads still remain on the dope because the banned posters have no life outside of this message board.

That thread took with it an awesome cookie recipe.

This recipe?

That’s the one! Ha-ha! :slight_smile:

So now the only thing of value in that thread is recovered.

All’s right in the universe.:smiley:

Any thread’s death diminishes me. :frowning:

[sub]OK, not really.[/sub]

Speaking to the technology, not the policy …

A thread is usually disappeared by being moved to a special forum for hidden threads. And mere mortals like us don’t have access to that forum. Only Mods & above do. So any link to it you may see or have cached will return a “You don’t have enough security horsepower to see this forum” error message.

The responses may have been tame, but the dude was trolling hard. At first, I thought he was playing around, but he kept up the fake “SJW” persona in other threads.

Moderator Action

The technical question of why you would receive a “you do not have permission to access this page” error has been answered (it’s normal, and what you get if you try to access a thread that we have removed).

If anyone has any questions about why a particular user has been banned, we prefer that you contact us via pm and not discuss it publicly here.

And with that, it’s probably best to close this.

Thread closed.