This is the way you should change a flat tire

When I think of the time I’ve wasted changing tires, when there was a much more efficient way, as these young people from Saudi Arabia have figured out (

Of course, you need more than one person to do this.

Some clever youths are changing tires on the car while it’s moving.

Great. America’s already lost the lead in so many fields. Now foreigners have overtaken us in crazy redneck stunts.

So how come the hubs aren’t spinning on the airborne parts of the axle?

Don’t worry. We were there first. And it only takes the driver.

Differential rear end. Transfers power from wheels with no traction to those with traction. It may also have been equipped with individual brakes for each wheel.


You know the economy is in the shitter when even Jeff Foxworthy is outsourcing…

I refuse to believe American Rednecks aren’t the more rednecky rednecks in the world.