THis is The Worst Week For Movies...ever?

Checking out Rotten Tomatoes I noticed that all ten of the movies listed in “At the Box Office” on the left are deemed rotten (including a zero for “A Thousand Words”) I can’t recall ever seeing that before, although I wouldn’t be surprised if it happened. It’s too bad, my wife and I just wanted to go out to a movie tonight, but there is nothing out right now that is worth seeing. And believe me are standards are not high at all.

I dunno, I think John Carter would be worth sitting through just for the special effects. Also Wrath Of The Titans… is that out yet?

I noticed it, too, and am wondering what other weekends have had all top 10 certified rotten.

Also, I am hearing that John Carter is really good, by the way.

Go see John Carter, it’s a good movie. The critics for some weird reason seem to have an advanced case of cranio-rectal inversion where this film is concerned. It is in fact fun, gorgeous to look at, and remarkably faithful to the books (for a blockbuster). And it’s got Dejah Thoris!

Don’t know about the other films.

Curiously, I just saw a lot of movies this weekend, and they were great. I saw John Carter, which, as I said in another thread, I loved. We also saw The Secret World of Arietty from Studio Ghibli, which was also great (interestingly, both films distributed by Disney). And I watched three versions of The Maltese Falcon at home on DVD – at least one of which is a classic.
so definitely not the worst week in movies ever. I’ve had bleaker weeks in the middle of the summer.

It’s halfway between the end-of-the-year-Oscar-bait release period (approximately Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day) and the early-summer-blockbuster release period (approximately Memorial Day through July 4th). Movies being released this week are often ones beng dumped into the theaters in the hope that with no significant competition they might scrape through somehow. I don’t know how to do it, but you might try to find out how well the films did which were released at this time each year for the past several years.

Go see The Grey if it’s still out where you are.

Don’t listen to the critics, they’re idiots. johncarterjohncarterjohncarter!

John Carter is much better than its reviews, and worth a look.

But yeah, in general, this is the time of year when bad movies get dumped into theaters.

John Carter is a very good summer action movie that’s been inexplicably released in March. I’m pretty sure that’s going to be one of those films that bombs in the box office and in reviews, but ten years later, it’s on everyone’s top ten list of under appreciated sci-fi.

Like Ice Pirates?

I’m in the middle of the European Union Film Festival and will probably end up seeing close to 70 movies in the theater this month, but I had some time before tonight’s EUFF 8:15 show and went to see Being Flynn, which I thought was pretty good as a quiet character study. Robert DeNiro plays a real scumbag and Paul Dano his son. Wisely, DeNiro doesn’t wink at the audience and make his racist, homophobic character likeable in the end.

I 2nd Arriety. John Carter will have to wait for April if it’s still playing.

Let’s see. 70 films a month times 12 months in a year would be 840 films a year. Yeah, I realize that you don’t see that many movies every month, but I still don’t understand how you can see so many films. I think of myself as a film buff, and it’s hard work for me to average more than more than 100 a year. Most years it’s closer to 50 of them. You said that you watched more than 300 movies one year. I really admire the kind of dedication it takes to see so many movies a year, but I’m still astonished how you can do it.

As many films as I see (366 last year in the theater) this is not normal. Film festivals are a different animal. The European Union Film Festival goes on the entire month of March, with 2 on weeknights and 3-5 on Saturdays and Sundays. I’m skipping a few EUFF films to see other limited-release films such as Kill List and Kid With A Bike. I’ll also see a midnight show of Hunger Games. Last year, my first year going to the festival, I saw 53 EUFF films and 12 non-EUFF films in March. It was exhausting because I also work full time, but very fun.

The Cleveland International Film Festival is coming up, and I have tickets to see seven, count 'em, seven movies! And yes, I definitely intend to see John Carter soon. Oddly enough, I know a little boy named John Carter…

I don’t know how the Disney version of Arrietty compares to the British and Japanese versions, but they are both excellent. Assuming Disney didn’t ruin it too much (I know they inserted a terrible song, but maybe that’s just during the end credits) Arrietty would be the film to see in a theater these days.

It’s very good. Look up at post #5.

The song is mostly over the closing credits. It’s not intrusive. The song, by thew way, was the choice of the Japanese director, not Disney’s. It ought to be in the other versions, as well.

Ha. “A picture is worth a thousand words.” This picture is worth… ummm… errr… uhhh…

There is a song, sung by the girl who voices Arrietty reportedly used in the Disney US version. I used to have a link to it, but since it was so horrible I deleted it. I love the music by Cécile Corbel, which is heard in the Japanese and British versions. It may be that Ghibli had to allow Disney to replace one of Corbel’s songs with their dreary Americanized number as part of the distribution deal. The lose of even one of Corbel’s lovely songs is regrettable, but if it’s the price to put the film before American audiences, maybe it 's worth it.

Found the rotten song that I understand replaced one of Cécile Corbel’s in Disney’s Americanized Arrietty.

So out of whack with the feeling of the film.