This is what "Defending your Home" with guns looks like

Nuthin’ wrong with shootin’. As long as the right people get shot. Or so the True Believers say.

I don’t feel I’m part of the pro-gun crowd but if this guy had shot and killed an actual intruder who was inside his house at 1:30 am, there would be a good argument that he was justified.

Not if he shot without knowing who he was shooting. The fact he got a bad guy was just luck.

Not being black is gonna help too.

This is the problem I have with some gun owners. You talk to these guys and you realize they’re not interested in deterrence. They want to be in a situation where they can shoot somebody.

What if the intruder was a police officer who had a warrant, but for the house across the street?

Then I’d defer to what crowmanyclouds wrote. If he’s a white guy, he was defending his castle and his freedom from the jack-booted thugs of a tyrannical government. If he’s a black guy, he should have complied with lawful authority instead of getting violent but you know what those people are like.

How would we know he acted irresponsibly if he had shot an actual intruder instead?

Because he clearly didn’t know who he was shooting, I’d wager.

Fair point. I was just think if he had shot an intruder we wouldn’t have heard anything about not realizing what he was shooting at.

That has interesting implications for “Positive Gun News of the Day,” doesn’t it? How many people being praised over there had no clue what they were shooting at?

(I don’t visit that thread, so I don’t know.)

Unless you’re the person who was shot.

And those are precisely the type you DON’T want owning guns!

Remember the pre-COVID story about a potential shooter who walked into a church, and was, shall we say, neutralized by an armed security guard who IIRC was an off-duty police officer who attended that church? He had signed on to do that, hoping that he would never have to draw his gun!