This is why I don't fish...

All I can say is LOL!!!

On a side note, a 5 foot fish must wiegh at least 30-40 lbs right? How fast could it possibly be swimming that it could break bones.

From the article:

“No one really knows why they jump,” said Lt. Stan Kirkland of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.
Maybe they are turning the tables and are trying to catch people to eat.

It’s not rocket sturgery.

Washington DC (AP) - The Sturgeon General today announced that it is unsafe to …

(oh come on, I couldn’t resist - it’s a slow Saturday)

I think the ejection onto the beach caused the injuries. Also, he was probably moving at a good clip.

Okay, so this is what they call “crash and release” fishing?

All the reason people should fish more often: to catch the finny little terrorists before they can plan their sneak attacks.

As a matter of fact, I believe there’s a carp that’s been watching me just a leetle too closely lately…

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From the Associated Press, July 12, 1993:

Anyone else remember this?

Actually, I disagree. The article didn’t give me that impression. I think the crazy ass fish wacked the hell out of his chest and he hit the beach because he was already too messed up to drive hte boat.

The article says it hit him in the chest and it also mentions another guy who got hit in the chest buy a fish which did some dmg.