This Is Your Pilot Squeaking Or Rise of the Machines Part 2

If I worked for a cheese company, I’d be very worried right about now.

I can imagine that things are going to be looking rather bleak for cats if these things become commonplace.

Mmmmmm…braaaaiiiins! :smiley:

These idiots!

Dear God, don’t they know they’re inventing the first series of Terminators?

We have to nuke them, and we have to nuke them now!!

I, for one, welcome our new super rat-brain masters.

It gets worse.

Hey, that’s not so bad, right?


We’re boned, pure and simple.

I think I saw a petri dish in a captain’s uniform, on my last Delta flight. Those real
pilots are gonna cook their own goose by asking for so much money, when all those petri dishes are lined up at home, waiting by the phone for the call to report to work…

It’s good to know that most of us can and will be replaced by rat-neurones-in-a-dish.

Is is any worse than sand?

I find this absolutely astounding, amazing and some other a word to complete the alliterative trifecta.

I have to say that I had to check to make sure it was an Onion article or something, it just seemed so outrageously amazing to me.

Wow. Cool stuff.


At least, that’s what my petri dish told me to say.

:smack: See, the petri dishes are already smarter than me.

I’ve got some bad news for y’all -
I AM a rat’s brain in a dish!


Oh - and bring me some camembert, please!

Damn this is cool!
What else can this rat brain do other than fly planes, do you think? And is it conscious? Could you have it run a computer? How…? :inadequate human brain explodes:

What I want to know is, how did it know it was supposed to fly it straight? I mean, what kind of stimulus did it receive to know that crashing was “wrong?”


Selling computers to the Government is like selling guns to the Indians.

We’ll never learn.

I’m sure you mean “We’ll never earn less than 110% profit!”

Hey, if they got these rat brains to be able to control a pointing device on a PC, would that be a rat-brained-mouse?