This just in: Dubya authorizes 24th off for most Fed. Employees!

Yay! I get to stay home Christmas Eve! :smiley:

I’d post a link but it’s overloaded.

Great! They’re finally recognizing my birthday as a national holiday. As it should be!


No Kidding?!? I get to save a whole 8 hours of leave?!? Cool beans!

Here’s a link. All non-essential employees have the day off and the ones who aren’t off will earn Holiday premium pay.

Is there a precedent for this? How much is this “Holiday premium pay” going to cost us taxpayers? Was it budgeted or is this a new expense?

I’ve only been with the Government for the past 6 years but during that time it’s been common to get at least a few hours off on Christmas Eve, especially when Christmas Day falls on a Tuesday or Thursday. To my knowledge, this is the first time that there’s been an Executive Order granting the entire day off.

Holiday premium pay, also referred to as “double time”, is most likely in the budget already. It’s normally reserved for those who work on official holiday like New Year’s Day, MLK, Presidents’ Day, Memorial Day, Independance Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans’ Day, Thanksgiving, or Christmas Day. This has got to be the first time Holiday premium pay was granted for those who have to work on a non-official holiday. I once received double time for being one of a few volunteers to come in one Memorial Day. I was paid my usual 8-hour salary for the holiday plus regular time (not time-and-a-half) for working 4 hours. FTR: my salary along with all other Patent & Trademark Office employees does not come from any taxpayer; we’ve been fully funded by our customers for the past couple of decades.