This Just In...Fox News Channel is bunch of lying fucks

Fox News is Hazardous to Your Heath:

The Surgeon General has Determined that Misinformation Leads to COVID and Death.

Matt Gaetz and Any Trump May Lead to Underage Pregnancy and Possible Suicide.
Marjorie Taylor Green May lead to Irreversible Eye Damage
Ted Cruz, Ron DeSantis, Lindsey Graham, Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson May Lead to Uncontrollable Vomiting.

Do not use Fox News if you are allergic to the components of Fox News.

When, exactly, will it stop being the most-followed news source?

( Pssst- If they lie about the rest of the news of the day, what makes you think that’s true…? )

Heh, if only it was only them blathering that.

Fox continues to beat its competitors in what passes for news, in the overall and clown car divisions.

Part of Fox’s recent gains reflect angst among its core audience about the Biden Administration leading the dissolution of America into godless anarchy and mass depopulation and far fewer daily doses of Trump to energize viewers of CNN and other outlets, but still…

The great Boomer die-off commences about a decade from now.

I am curious about this “mass depopulation” concern. I’m a dork who reads about population trends with great interest but I have a feeling the Fox watchers are worried about something that I’m not. So what’s their beef?



I was thinking of the Bill Gates-Pharma-Vaccination depopulation scheme, which should (and apparently does) concern many right-thinking Americans.

Ah. Forgot about that one.

Basically, Bill Burr trashed all cable news, including Fox. On their website and in a piece on one of their lying liar shows, they said he trashed CNN and left out that he also trashed Fox News in the same rant.

Bill Burr needs to realize that on the POS (pieces of shit) scale, CNN is a small dried nugget, and Fox News, is an enormous steaming pile.

To be fair, so is he. I’m still astonished that there was something Trump wanted to do that he actually balked at.

I think you might be confusing Bills.

Meanwhile, in the Height of Hypocrisy department, Fox News has implemented their own version of a vaccine passport.

Which one is just sitting there on Capitol Hill?

I’ve said before on the boards, I don’t get this “CNN is awful, but FOX is even worse

CNN is pretty good IMO, and whenever we ask for examples of CNN getting it wrong, they’re always pretty trivial and/or old.

The kind of things that bug me about CNN are true across the board on US news; a flawed idea of “balance”, giving politicians too easy a ride and faux “pals” talk.

Its a long wait in the era of Mitch…

As I continue to say, I tend to avoid CNN not because they’re biased to the left (they really aren’t) but because they’re biased to the superficial and stupid. I rarely come away feeling like the time I’ve spent watching has left me better informed about anything important.

But at least they’re not actively, deliberately, constantly lying to their viewers.

I’ve found Don Lemon to give facts, which counteracted what I’d heard on Carlson.