This Just In...Fox News Channel is bunch of lying fucks

Just because they were in 2020 and/or in other countries, I don’t see why they aren’t Biden’s fault.

Those are shelves yet to be re-stocked, I believe. Not a symbol of shortages.

And honestly, TV news shows and newspapers use stock photos all the time, though they are careful to note them as such.

Well, that one is from 2012, when Biden was VP, so obviously that is his fault, since he made it his job to tell Angela how to do her job.

I think everyone may be missing the subtext here. Obviously Fox is saying Biden and other Democrats should have started a pro-insurrectionist/stop the steal platform after the 2016 election. Had they done so ( and succeeded unlike the weak loser Donald and his people) we would have had President Clinton 2.0 and Democrats in office in 2020 and avoided the worst of the pandemic side effects.

(Yeah, that’s the ticket…)

That’s right-they usually do it honestly.

Dissention at Fox :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh oh - is ole Rupes gonna be pissing off the Orange One, now?

Stephen Hayes, one of the shitstains resigning from that shitstain, America-hating network, wrote a whole book detailing how Saddam Hussain was responsible for 9/11, or something close enough to that to prove his shitstainhood.

I guess his counterfactual conspiracy theories are just fine, but Fucker Carlson’s go a step too far.