This Just In...Fox News Channel is bunch of lying fucks

…to Evers, to Chance, to the ankle bone, connected to the shin bone…

Sorry for the confusion – I was referring to when Melber is guest-hosting for Maddow. My wife is all excited for an hour with her “girlfriend,” and instead, she gets Melber.

As far as who will wind up as the permanent replacement for Rachel, I suspect that MSNBC will want to have another female anchor in that prime time slot. I also suspect that Zerlina Maxwell, who has appeared on, and guest-hosted on, various MSNBC shows, and who currently has a show on NBC’s Peacock streaming service, is a candidate.

Ahem, atheist Muslim, the most dangerous type.

I stand corrected. :wink:

Ahhh, ok. That makes sense. Usually it’s Ali Velshi who fills in for Maddow, but you’re right – I’ve watched Melber do it as well. I expect everyone is auditioning.

facepalm That’s what I get for not reading for comprehension – it’s Velshi whom my wife dislikes (and who seems to be Maddow’s usual substitute). I actually kind of like Ari Melber, though he’s not on Maddow’s level.

Not the kind of behavior one would expect from a non-prophet organization.

With a raised hanky I’ll vote Chanel Rion, going for a complete change of things, somehow wheedling her way from banned WH correpondent to utterly fudging everything in MSNBC’s head opiner slot, but at least can promote her young adult fiction in a sly way by somehow incorporating them into unrelated current issues, like Japanese ads being incorporated (sliding their way) into the regular programming.

I have other ideas, one of them, unfortunately, ruined due to the death of Charles Krauthammer.

ETA: my newsletter is forty-eight dollars every quarterly.

So…LeVar Burton?

He’s finally responded and looks like he wanted to cry

We always get teased with LeVar Burton just before we get bait-and-switched to Mayim Bialik.

It’s like parents from olden times pouring honey onto a spoon, distracting the kid, and then swapping that spoon for a spoon filled with Cod Liver Oil…

Poor Tucker—all this is distracting from his campaign to get Biden recognized as being Omnipotent (or as close as a human can get):

Doesn’t ‘End Times’ eschatology, complete with its already-written Book of Life, also imply that free will doesn’t exist?

Hosts Tucker Carlson, Will Cain and John Roberts each faced backlash for their commentary. Powell, 84, was fully vaccinated, but had multiple myeloma, a blood cancer that attacks the immune system, making him more susceptible to the effects of the virus.

Cain used the news of Powell’s death to rail against President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates. He claimed there’d be calls for “more truth from our government” and noted that fully vaccinated people are being hospitalized and dying from COVID-19, even though the vast majority of victims are unvaccinated.

Has anyone seen a word in the last three days from these people about Trump’s “executive privilege” battles with the House January 6 committee? Or of Bannon being held in contempt? I’ve been watching but I’ve missed coverage on negative things for Republicans before.

Last night, the House committee voted unanimously to hold Bannon in contempt of Congress, and forwarded the recommendation to the full House for a vote. If the House votes in agreement, it would be referred to the Justice Department for enforcement. Bannon (through his lawyers) had sought an extension, which was denied by the committee.

Even if the House votes for contempt, and the Justice Department agrees to enforce the finding, as is noted in this article, it could still be a lengthy process.

they are covering at, although I can’t say whether or not they are giving it much prominence (I found it through a google search rather than their main page)

The consensus from the video seems to be that for the good of the GOP, Trump should quit griping about the election, but its the liberal media’s fault that he is being given so much attention, since they are trying to distract us from all the failures of the Biden administration.

Straight from the jackass’s butt

Ogdammit, I go to that awful place nearly every day and I still miss these. My wife is apparently right: I’m an idiot.