This Just In...Fox News Channel is bunch of lying fucks

Apparently, a lot of folks at Fox’s Washington DC bureau decided that getting a bottle brush stuffed up their nose every single day is less of an encroachment on their freedom than a one-time shot.

So now Fox is looking to hire medical personnel to stick swabs in the noses of 40-60 unvaccinated personnel per shift. Fox provides the PPE.

If I was a medical professional in the area, I’d take that job and I would NOT be gentle.

Y’know, you could just SAY you’re a medical professional, and they’d have no grounds to complain. That crowd is full of people who SAY they’re journalism professionals.

There’s a story about Trump’s upcoming Iowa rally but nothing right now about Biden shooting down Don’s play for executive privilege for his January 6 communications. If he ever gets grilled about this by the committee, I suppose these lying fucks won’t cover it and half the country won’t know that it even happened.

They ran it yesterday.

Interesting–I hadn’t known this was going on.


eta: they ALL envy John Oliver for the time he gets to devote to a single story, from what I hear.

I hear that Colbert secretly hates Oliver because of this.

Makes me like Oliver more.

Perhaps he does, but they do different things. Colbert’s show on CBS is very much about current events but the extended main story on John Oliver’s show is usually about an ongoing story, and the stories seem to be written over a longer period, perhaps even months.

More likely Colbert hates the ostentatious way Oliver gets to celebrate December 31st.

“How dare they do the right thing.”

–Hawkeye Pierce

Kamala participated in a NASA video for young people. Naturally, she was severely derided for it. If you are curious about how awful the video is,

It was a Kid’s show.

( What, are Republican hatched full grown from eggs…? )

Yeah, sorry, I meant to say “awful”. The fnews story has tweets and comments from the idiot from Silt, and Breitbart (who described her as “cackling”, which I failed to notice), and others but no one with any cred.

God forbid a black Democratic female VP encourage an interest in science and curiosity to kids. It ticks so many boxes.

Yes, there’s discussion about it.

Aside: Funny to read about it on CNN.

Is she Muslim? Then it’d be a guaranteed stroke-trigger.

If she’s not, she will be by the time Republicans are done with her.

Well, CNN does give one hour per week to a show that focuses on the news business itself—it would be nice if MSNBC did that, too. (Stelter is a real asset—smart and scrupulously fair, in my view.)

As for 9pm on weeknights at MSNBC: anyone but Ari Melber! (personal pet peeve, obviously).

My wife is a big Maddow fan, and I enjoy her show, as well. Few things make my wife more irritated than watching Chris Hayes pass the baton to Ari Melber.

So I’m not alone. I’m not even sure what makes him so annoying–giant ego + massive insecurity is the impression I get.

We could all be wrong–he could be the living incarnation of Gandhi and Walter Cronkite wrapped up in one–but I doubt it. :expressionless:

He is. One of the best books I’ve read this year is his Hoax. It details the truly appalling relationship between Trump, his administration and Fox “News.” I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this book earlier in the thread. An extremely worthwhile read if one wishes to understand how intertwined they were/are.

LOL, I like Melber when he’s doing serious news. He’s a good lawyer and is gifted at breaking down complex legal issues for casual viewers. He loses me with his rap fascination and weirdly-matched guests, but that’s limited to Fridays, mostly. I wouldn’t mind if he stepped into Maddow’s slot, but if he does, I hope he modifies his format to the more serious stuff.

They must line it up different where you are. Here on the West Coast, it’s Melber to Reid, Reid to Hayes, Hayes to Maddow, Maddow to O’Donnell and O’Donnell to Williams. At least for now.