This Just In...Fox News Channel is bunch of lying fucks

And yet they’ve got a strict “get vaccinated or get tested daily” policy, with more than 90% vaccinated.

Well, that does go along with the right-wing “government is incompetent and corrupt, but businesses and executives are noble benefactors” narrative.

October 7, 1996: Fox News Network goes live, 25 years ago today.

So we’ve had a generation of lying fucks. The republic is pretty resilient to withstand it this long.

Of course, cancer doesn’t kill you all at once.

The Daily Show has a handy compilation of a quarter century of treating women like shit.

Rumors that [del]Fucker Tarlson[/del] Tucker Carlson may quit FOX?

From Is Tucker Carlson Quitting Fox News? The Details :

Carlson has yet to take to social media or the screen to rebut Hayes’ predictions. It’s currently unclear whether he’ll deny the claims entirely, prove Hayes is right, or take a stance somewhere in between.

Well, hell. I’d boycott but:
I’d consider switching if I could get even half that speed elsewhere. Fuck them and OANN :confused: but I use this pipe for my job.

I’ll believe it when I see it.

From that article:

As Hayes puts it, the alternative is that Carlson “just does not believe any of the stuff he’s saying, and it’s all just a craven, cynical act for ratings while he himself is [vaccinated].”

I think that Hayes’ “alternative” scenario is about 100 times more likely that Hayes’ primary scenario of Carlson quitting.

Top tip: code for strikethrough is now < strike > < /strike > (without the spaces): Tucker Carlson

Seems to me Chris Hayes is doing a comedy bit.

Merci Beaucoup!

Or Fox News simply < s > and < / s >

[ s ] [ /s ] also works.

^ Yes, this. Hayes is 100% trolling the hypocrite Carlson; Hayes has no illusions about Carlson quitting Fox out of intellectual consistency (about the fact that Fox News rules about vaccines are more stringent than the rules of the entities Carlson decries).

Hayes is genuinely convinced (in my view) that Fox News is doing substantial harm to the welfare of the USA with its dishonest and cynical anti-vaccine content. He’s going to stay on the story.

I think the Tuckster needs to be asked every time he appears on a public street:

  1. Have you ever been vaccinated for anything?
  2. Have you been vaccinated for Covid
  3. Do you wear masks at Fox News?

All the while this is happening he needs to be played back his clips of advocating for americans to call the police or child services when they see masked children.

Why are there not activists and picketers ratfucking Tuckster around this issue? How target rich an environment does he have to be? Maybe the Fox 25th will be a good occasion to get serious about this asshole.

I completely agree with Hayes. I’ve been saying for two decades that Fox is the cancer coursing through the corpus of our nation. I’m glad Hayes is on it, and I hope he stays on it. Relentlessly.

I catch his show most nights.

Yes, Hayes’ show is always worth watching. No filler; no massive ego taking center stage.

I know Maddow has dedicated fans and I’m not saying she hasn’t done excellent and useful journalism—I think she has. But I find the Hayes hour to be the most worth watching in the prime-time lineups of both MSNBC and CNN.

I generally catch Maddow because I think a lot of new news breaks during her hour just because they know Maddow will parse it quickly and disseminate it to her viewers. She’s broken so many important stories and has a knack for breaking them down so they’re comprehensible. She also has a nose for which bits of vague information are likely to develop into much bigger stories.

That said, she’s exhausted and I think she’s moving on to a different format soon, one that will allow her to dig deeper into stories she finds worthwhile.

I hope Hayes steps into her slot.

'Fox News has provided a friendly platform to dozens of people who refuse to take the COVID-19 vaccine in recent months. The network’s propagandists often portray those guests as heroes fighting for freedom against “authoritarian” mandates – even though Fox itself has a vaccine requirement for employees."