This Just In...Fox News Channel is bunch of lying fucks

Lol, I wrote a pastiche about what would happen to a 2020 Trump supporter standing before Jesus. Not exactly what you asked for, but I assume it would go something like this:

Heh. :grin:

Yeah, it would go pretty much like that. But I suspect that the right-wing miscreant, accustomed to creating his own reality, would simply decide that the entity confronting him could NOT be “his God” (or “his Jesus” or what have you).

Because HIS Jesus would obviously endorse everything Mr. Deceased Right-Winger had been hearing on Fox News and the rest of the right-wing bubble (not excepting Facebook).

And would never, ever criticize Mr. DR-W. Because that is exactly what they have been promised: that they Righteous and Beloved of the Real God no matter what they do.

Well, to be fair, Donny Two-scoops doesn’t plagerise – he pulls bullshit out of his own ass.

Melania does the plagiarizing.

I love this visual, but I fear it, too. There are a lot of things I did that weren’t necessarily bad but I wouldn’t care to see in 1080p from multiple “camera angles”.

I also love the visual of them in the lake of boiling blood, refusing to believe what was happening to them, but finding not a single creature, man or demon, who cares. Maybe they can strike up a conversation with the 19 hijackers to pass the time, to share the unfairness of it all.

That was a fun read @JohnT

Yes, perhaps the universe is just.

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As did Biden, during his abortive presidential run in 1987, and also when he was in law school, which is likely what was being referred to in the Fox story.

Of course, if you give attribution.

If you do not want to attribute the SDMB, please attribute the Substack article I wrote which contains this item: