This Just In: Pot's GOOD For You!

If you’re a rat with Alzheimer’s, that is.

Given that the boomers are all getting up there, I can well imagine that there’s going to be an increase in demand for the stuff. Maybe Afghanistan can help with any supply problems.

Between this and THC’s effect on nausea and loss of apetite from chemotherapy, Boca Raton must be filled with stuff. Next time I visit mom I’ll worry that one of her friends will accidentally give me ‘special’ matzoh balls in my soup, or ‘magic’ mandelbread.

I only hope the excellent all you can eat Chinese buffets in the areas can cope with all the seniors with munchies.

I hear its fun in a recreational setting too. :wink:

I had to look up mt

I wondered whether it meant Megaton, but it’s only Metric Tons. :cool:

What is it with my esteemed employer?!?? I started this thread about recent OSU research that shows alcohol is good for your memory! (Aren’t you glad I remembered I posted that??? The research is right!)

And is it merely a coincidence that the – yeah, right – “Buckeye” leaves on the helmets of the OSU football players look remarkably like Cannabis sativa?

This just in: red wine prevents heart attacks, makes you clever, and makes you healthy even if you’re a lardball.

Now all we need is the news that a big feed of curry makes you attractive to the opposite sex, and I’m ready to go out for a big night!