THis just in: Roger Clemens is a child molesting perv;_ylt=Ars6IVtf7qM8cPD2t9V3DCIRvLYF?slug=ys-silvermanclemensmccready042808&prov=yhoo&type=lgns

Apparently, in addition to the steroid use, Roger Clemens carried on a 17 year affair with a country singer named Mindy McCready. The affair began when she was only 15 (and Clemens was 28). I know that’s technically ebephilia (not sure on the spelling), but still creepy.

I know I defended Clemens when the steroid accusations first came out, but continued evidence of his lying and now this has shredded any last bit of respect I had for the man.

This is a bizarre story. Odd that there’s never been a whiff of this until now. Or maybe there has been, and I’m not aware? Anyone ever heard of Clemens being a womanizer?

McCready isn’t exactly the poster child for integrity either, and with her having an album and a TV show coming out (so I heard on the radio), the timing seems a bit…coincidental. Though, I guess it wasn’t her that leaked it.

An odd story gets odder.

I guess I have three questions here:

  1. Who gives a crap?
  2. Can this reasonably be called child molesting? It’s a large age difference, but I hate how often that word gets tossed around.
  3. Who gives a crap?

What he said.

She used to be incredibly hot. Now, not so much…

Per the article the age of consent in Fla. is 16, so yes it would be child molesting.

I just think its funny that this only came out because he sued McNamee, and as a result McNamee is giving up everything he knows about Rog. Rog’s defamation suit will go down as one of the stupidest things any human being in history has even done.

Apparently McNamee and his lawyers give a crap. I assume that’s why this story is out there.

And I’m not trying to disrupt their efforts to cash further in on McName’s steroid-dealing. But I was asking the question in a broader sense.

I interpreted your question to be “why is this news?” but I agree that in general no one but the interested parties should give a crap.

The question is, however: where is the tipping point?

By which, I mean, at what point does Roger figure he’s facing enough charges anyway that assault and battery or even ABDW wouldn’t be all that significant an addition to the list?

As the ESPN lawyer dude just said, this has nothing to do with the defamation lawsuit, but it does bring his character into question, and McNamee’s lawyers would be able to subpeona the mistress under oath, as well as anyone who knew of the pair, and make them testify. Rog’s thing has been that his character is above reproach, fucking a ninth grader would kind of show that to be b.s. As they said, now would be a perfect time for Rog to drop the suit. Then of course comes McNamee’s lawsuit, which Rog would be wise to settle out of court. The lesson- don’t fuck with someone who has massive dirt on you.

No. It would be statutory rape, not child molesting.

I’m a little slow- thanks :smack:

I never believed Clemens (did you see him on Sixty Minutes?). Sounds like this might be true also.

So let’s just agree that he’s a rapist, then. Whatever you want to call it, it’s sleazy and illegal

Let’s not, since “rape” implies force or coercion. What’s wrong with using the much more accurate (if true) “statutory rape”? Not “in your face” enough for a good bout of RO?

If he had a 10-year-long relationship with the woman, he’s not an ephebephile - he’s in a relationship (albeit a creepy one) with that one woman. If he’d had a series of relationships with 15-year-olds or lost interest in her when she matured, this might have some merit.

The point is, Clemens is a creep and everybody knows it. Let’s not go throwing around inaccurate terms to diagnose him with paraphilias he probably doesn’t have when the truth is pretty plain to see: he’s a major asshole.

Yeah, I was vague. I understand why it’s in the news, I just can’t imagine people getting worked up over it. Did anyone not know we were dealing with sleezebags here? :wink:

“Rapist” is perfectly accurate both legally and semantically since a minor cannot give consent. What’s the matter with calling a spade a spade?

Not arguing anything here (except maybe that Clemens is lying sack of uhm, meal) but is a statutory rape occurs what do you call the person charged with or convicted it of it, if not a rapist?

Because “rape” implies force or coercion. Did you not see these words the first time I posted them?

Let’s not call a spade a backhoe. Or a bathtub. Or whatever the hell the literal meaning of “spade” is in that expression taken to a much larger extreme.