This just isn't the year for an April fools gag.

No gags here.
Anyone got any good tales of past April fools jokes that were well executed and funny?

The Guardian developed quite a reputation for them, ever since they invented San Serriffe


Here’s an ancient but very famous BBC one. I’ll assume it isn’t well known in the US, so I won’t spoil it for you. Obviously, those were more innocent (and in the UK, ignorant) times.


ETA - Just saw - it’s older than I am. :eek:

I gagged my grand-wreks. I told them they would have to go back to school and even have to go on Saturdays. 2 of them started crying.
My oldest thought it was funny. She’s a quicker wit than the others.

I’m very evil. :smiley:

Or just bad, bad, bad. :wink:

I do recall a good gag from my undergrad days. On April Fool’s Day, the college radio station reported that the change machine (near a bank of vending machines) was giving five quarters in exchange for a dollar bill. Apparently, a number of people were taken in by this, before it dawned on them that they had been pranked. At least they weren’t out any money; for their dollar bills, each one received four quarters from the change machine.

A couple of years ago, I sent all of my kids a PM on Facebook explaining that I had been reading up on Scientology and had come to realize that it all made perfect sense. I also told them that I would be selling all of our worldly possessions and moving to a “training center” for indoctrination very shortly. I encouraged them to do the same.

I knew what that was before clicking on it. An oldie, but a goodie.

A fired either found or Photoshopped up a news story announcing Trump’s decision that all school kids will have to repeat a grade to make up for the school they’ve missed this year. Plans to show it to her eighth-grader today.

I didn’t prank anyone this year, but last year, a couple of co-workers and I got together and completely shrink-wrapped another co-worker’s personal vehicle. The look on his face when he went to get in his car was absolutely priceless.

Years ago, a TV station in Boston had breaking news that there was a volcano erupting in the Blue Hills, 10 miles south of the city.

Panic ensued.

The Blue Hills are a leftover pile of crap from when a glacier stopped.

I’m on a social media app with many Japanese and Taiwanese people and posted a note that I was too busy so I was going to delete my account.

One of my friends there saw it just after she found out that one of her day care center for the elderly had a patient who is being tested for Covid-19 and if the patient comes back positive, they will need to shut down for 14 days. She just didn’t have patience (no pun intended) for a prank.

My bad. We are doing OK and only need to let off some steam. Some people are not doing so well.

This is a COVID-19 joke I rather liked.

“Is the government behind the Corona virus?” - Today I Found Out.

People who actually take the time to watch and understand the video might note that Simon doesn’t actually say the government didn’t unleash it on us.

The video start with a Simon Whistler reading a note from “Pyro Puff” asking if the government is behind the Corona Virus. Simon just gets a look of rather pained amusement, gathers his belongings and stalks off camera in a frustrated manner. The lights go off, he grabs his laptop case and he utters an exasperated “REALLY?!” before walking away and closing the door behind him. We are left with the camera still running and showing us his darkened but nicely decorated office for the next nine silent minutes.

I don’t know. I didn’t even think about it being that day until I got an e-mail from an auto mechanic site that offered me a free tiger with any service:

Supplies limited! ������Only a few tigers left!

Baby tigers limited. Full grown tigers available through April.

Get a free tiger with any repair service in April!*

For them as play, the World of Warcraft Patch Notes for this year are still smile-worthy, and not at all in danger of making anyone have a freakout.

Notes that might be amusing to a non-gamer include things like

“Freezing Trap is now 30% less effective on targets who keep a sweater at the office”

“Corrected an issue that would occasionally cause Holy Word: Serenity to take the sky from you”


“Seed of Corruption must now be planted in the correct time of year and moisture, or else it will become Flowerpot of Disappointment”

The now-defunct ThinkGeek once posted pics of a new product: a tauntaun sleeping bag (from Star Wars).

There was so much demand, they actually created the real product.

Reading this shortly after getting up, with brain still somewhat fuzzy: I read it as tarantula sleeping bag. Well, no doubt there are arachnophiles who would like such a thing…

Well, I managed to do one April Fool’s prank this year, despite the stay-at-home restrictions.

A friend of mine is closeted at home in a 2 bedroom apartment with his wife and 15 year old son, who is fond of picking up musical instruments and teaching himself to play.

So I went to Amazon and anonymously sent over an otamatone.

He was ecstatic, and posted “I will drive my parents crazy with this”

Mission accomplished!

LOL. Nice one.

Truly inspired.

Robardin, you are truly eeeeeeviiiiiiilllll

I timed it perfectly, it arrived on April 1 and by 9pm I saw the internet posts :slight_smile: