This kind of certificate program--is a plus for job-seeking or no?

I’m constantly worrying about what I will do once my current dream job finally collapses out from under me one of these days and I’m left unemployed and unemployable.

Do certificate programs like this one in “Web Intelligence” (or any of the others listed on the left side of the page at that link) get a person anywhere? At least provide the possibility of entry-level work? Or is it seen as a sad substitute for actual job experience and ignored? Or something else or what?

Certs can matter in the I.T. world. It depends on the cert and what you want to do.

For example, Cisco certs seem to be highly valued while some Microsoft certs are less valued. Note, this is purely from my personal experience and any cert is better than no cert.

Business Intelligence is, according to Monster, in the top 10. Link. BI will probably be growing for a while. Businesses have tons of info on their customers, the key is figuring out how to use that data in a way to drive business.

At my last job some BI software was put in place and apparently was quite useful in driving revenue. I am a server/network guy so I didn’t play in that field much.

From my personal experience, folks with certs but without any job related experience tended to have a hard time. Some of this stuff you just have to learn the hard way. However, I am on the server/network build/troubleshoot side of things and it may be different on the BI side.