This "learning" remote is the cats ass!

I have a small t.v. in our bed room. I hooked up one of those wireless audio/video transmitters and a remote control extender so I could watch digital cable on it without having to get another cable box. The problem was, the remote control from my little bedroom t.v. was not a universal remote, so I couldn’t program it to work on the cable box in the living room.

I went out a bought a couple different universal remotes, but none of them worked very well with both my t.v. and the cable box. Then I saw this “learning remote” made by Zenith. You put it next to the original remote, and it “learns” from it, and you can program the buttons anyway you see fit. An example of that is, you could make the volume control button really the vcr fast forward if thats what you wished.(I can think of a good practical joke to play on my wife with that;)) This device works like magic, and programming it was a snap.

This thing really works well, and does exactly what you want it to do. It was $19, which is expensive for a remote, but not for one this sophisticated.

So…The cat’s ass is…good?

Handy tip:

If you have a Palm Pilot or Handspring Visor, you can download shareware that does the same thing. You can even delete, create, arrange and resize the onscreen buttons as you see fit.

My helper monkey pushes buttons for me, and quite well, I might add. It took a while, but after I threw an adequit number of heavy objects at it for long enough, he learned what shows I did, and did not want to watch.
“Good helper monkey!! Now go get me some potato chips!!”

Also, his masturbatory habits have now been curbed by a pepper-spray can that sits by my bed. Sucks for him.