This makes no sense: millionair finds credit card, buy pizzas

We might need a “WTF!” forum.

Dentist in town for son’s baseball tournament arrested for theft, forgery

So some guy find the card and trys to buy dinner, maybe he was poor & hungry, I could understand that, not that it makes it right.

He also had $250 cash on him.


You don’t get rich by spending all your money on pizza.

Yar; I had a friend in high school whose dad apparantly basically owned two of the banks in town. I can’t remember where he got his original money from, but he was absolutely penurious. I don’t mean in the usual ‘Don’t spoil the children’ way, but he was mean in every definition of the word. (Also beat his wife and kids, but that’s another story).

Maybe he did it for the thrill of it. Which, if so, obviously backfired. Unless going to jail was part of the equation.

Some people are just sociopaths. It’s not the monetary amount; it’s just the enjoyment of getting away with something. (If it’s successful.)

Remember an old TV show called “Dallas”? Some kind of nighttime soap opera where this rich guy named JR was always trying to screw over everyone else. Not like he needed the money; just the recognition that he got something over on someone. If there was a cheap and easy way to do it, he’d characteristically pick the hard and expensive way to screw someone. And lose. And do it again.

Sure, it’s TV, and exaggerated TV, at that. Yeah, the show was. But it doesn’t mean people don’t exist who fit that stereotype. What’s worse is that the guy will probably pay some small fine and get off without even a criminal record because, being wealthy, he really DIDN’T need the money and it was all JUST a mistake, right?