This marriage proposal will make you smile.

Just thought people might like to see this to bring a little joy into their day.

She doesn’t know her boyfriend(soon to be fiance) is in the stadium.

Heh. Good one. Though if I had done that to my Druidess, after the tackle-hug and “Yes”,
she would have killed me for the big public display.

I like to think that if someone’s at the point of proposing he (or she) already knows whether to go jumbo tron or private stroll in the moonlight.

This did make me smile, especially the “surprise, he’s actually here!” part.

thanks for posting it.

Man, she was off like a jackrabbit!

This one seems totally genuine. Wish them well.
Other times I have seen such proposals where I doubt the spontaneity of the situation. I feel like the proposal has been hatched for the public show.
PS. Just real glad it’s not me.


Good one.

Here’s another one where a guy made a “movie trailer” and propsed at the movie theater. The best part of it is there is video of the girls live reaction as she is watching the “movie trailer”.

Thanks for sharing. This made my day.

But BTW, I’m with Oakminster. If this had happened to me, I would have died of public embarassment. But secretly I’d be really impressed & would secretly brag about it.

Awwww. snif

I’m a hopeless romantic, I know.

This one took a fair amount of prep work, too - including the fiance having friends willing to make fools of themselves, too:

That involves two of my favorite things, surprise reveals of returning servicemen, and the Royals!

But the Royals lost!?

You can’t ask for two major surprises at the same time - what, you want the whole stadium to have a heart attack?