This morning I shot a white elephant in my pajamas

I got my White Elephant package today.

Tanookie is ruthlessly efficent.
Let us look inside shall we?

A Battle of the Sexes board game. (I’ve actually thought about buying this one)

A Mr. Potato head with some sort of Pirate pack (pirate hat and such) and a Cowboy hat. Cute.

An extre pack of Monopoly money.

Two PC games The Masters of Orion and The Sims. (thanks I need new games)

A Speak Spanish disk for the PC

Two books A Mad Libs and What to Expect When You are Expecting.

A large serving bowl for chips and salsa (my favorite snack)

Three floating heart shaped candles.

Some stuffed animals Two bears and that annoying baby brontosauras from the Land Before Time.

And a very large collection of these Furby with the back pack clips. I mean a large collection. A disturbingly large collection. To many to count.

What were you thinking? Just one more and I’ll have a google?


MY White Elephant should leave today. At least part one.

Oh my god.
Mr. Potato Head talks.

My daughter was “helping” me fill the box… I didn’t notice she squirreled out the playing cards and the crayons until late last night!


How the hell did he get into your pajamas?

The Volkswagen was full.

Better check the refrigerator!

tanookie gave away something Monopoly? :eek:

Way to set the bar high, t. :wink:

Am I the only one disappointed this isn’t a TMI thread?


I had to put in something monopoly!

I got my package yesterday. I can’t read the user name on the return address, but I got way cool stuff.

I got a set of four, “as seen on TV”, magic touch lights, an insulated personal sized lunch bag, with genuine Velcro closure, and (eat your hearts out all you beer guzzlers) a beer drinking game.

Hooray for rocking chair!

Despite the hot, steamy weather, our postal carrier stepped out of her car this afternoon to carry a large copier-paper sized box to my front door. rocking chair spent a chunk of postage to send me…[ul]
[li]enough cards (and almost enough envelopes) to last me until my infant is in college[/li][li]a Japanese Beanie Baby and an American flag faux-Beanie[/li][li]several frames for postage-stamp sized pictures[/li][li]an Eeyore figurine[/li][li]two sheep-shaped napkin rings[/li][li]something that looks like a heart-shaped basket with a wooden bear in it, but seems to really be a wallhanging[/li][li]several jewelry boxes, complete with strings of beads to delight my nieces, ages 4 and 7[/li][li]paint brushes (which I can actually use)[/li][li]an oddly triangular highlighter[/li][li]many, many bookmarks in a gold mesh bag[/li][li]a heart-shaped container with a lid of lace and potpourri[/li][li]a container with wire and beads for jewelrymaking[/li][li]a National Geographic map of the Middle East[/li]and drumroll please…
[li]a Tootsie Pop owl lick-o-meter! One, twoooo, thrrrrreeeee…[/li][/ul]
P.S. to rocking chair: Norwegian!? See my sig. :smiley:

I knew I’d forget something! :smack:

I also got more words for my collection of Refrigerator Poetry!

yee haw! i’m glad the box arrived. swedes, hhhm, the double s threw me…

in an odd coincedence a box appeared in my living room! from omaha!

no note that i could find, and no name on the box.

i got:

a bunnie rabbit oven mitt
a cashmere shirt
hello kitty latch rug
ghost bowl
black cat soap/lotion dispenser (winken approves!)
a pink wallet
travel kit with soaps and qtips and cotton balls
body shop soap
easter grass (2 bags)
2 cds: sonic youth and brigid boden
and a big piece of plaid fabric

every item was neatly wrapped. it was really fun unwrapping everything. i may have to follow your example in future swaps. the furry girls are enjoying the wrapping paper.

i was nifty to see the omaha address, my dad was from lyons, just a bit up and over. we would go to omaha every summer to visit relatives. i went to college in blair.

Now I’m feeling bad, I didn’t send out nearly that much stuff.
Sorry elephantee :frowning:

I got my white elephant package!

Thank you so much, Althea!

My box included:

2 wineglasses (which I immediately put to good use)
A corkscrew (which I used before the wineglasses)
Guardian Angel blood alcohol tester strips (which were used after- good thing the legal limit is still .10 in Minnesota!)
a wine bottle stopper (not necessary, but potentially useful)
pipe screens (I seem to be detecting some sort of partygirl theme here)
a CD of what appears to be some sort of hippie jam band (haven’t listened to it yet… perhaps after changing the screen in my tobacco pipe)
Family Field Guide to Trees (the theme deteriorates-- or does it?)
a postcard of a hedgehog (I guess it does)
a mind-erasing metal puzzle (or doesn’t…)

All great stuff. My boyfriend was so jealous. He watched me open my gifts, pouting and saying, “I wish I’d done this.” He’s not a doper though, so he’s outta luck.

A million thanks, Althea


I got my WE yesterday!

Thanks, Zjestika, who sent the following:

a pair of big, green feet, which are candleholders (the Fiancee said “OOH! HULK FEET!”)
a pair of green taper candlesticks for said candleholders
a ziploc bag with condoms and flavored lubricant (very odd, but interesting!)
a coffee mug emblazoned with various sanitary product names (Depends. Hee hee!)
a “Violet Crumble” candy bar, which looks interesting… And still in date!
an acrylic “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” turtle statue (Groovy. I used to collect stuff with turtles on it!)

And to my poor, unsuspecting giftee, your package will be sent out Tuesday. I finally got it all together.

Skerri, I hope you didn’t throw away the box, cause you missed something very small. It was wrapped in white tissue and in a ziplock.

Unless you just forgot it on the list, in which case, disregard!



You’re very welcome.

There’s no theme to your presents per se. I used to work for a liquor/beer/wine distributor; you’d be amazed at how much paraphernalia I accumulated. I’m glad you’ve put the glasses and corkscrew to use. The bottle stopper is actually for sparkling wines to keep them from going flat if you don’t pour the whole bottle at once. It’s one of those useful kitchen gadgets that rarely ever actually gets USED but that you appreciate immensely when you need it.

The rest (except the CD) is random stuff that I couldn’t bear to throw away but has been sitting around untouched for too long.

The CD is actually a funk/reggae hybrid out of Madison that has been winning a lot of awards lately. It’s definitely worth listening to; I’d be interested to know what you think of it.

I’m so happy you enjoyed everything (and that I got to get rid of some crap that’s been collecting dust). :slight_smile:


Now I can’t wait for picker’s and my stuff to get here.

I thought the thread title was a euphemism for a wet dream.

Go fig.


A final search through the paper reveals:

A necklace with a silver hippopotamus charm! Cool! (I was totally amazed by the hippos at the National Zoo a couple of weeks ago.)