This morning's call in radio subject: Who do you want to kill?

There’s a “comical” morning drive radio team here called “Connie and Fish”. This morning they each described (though didn’t say a name) a local person they thought should be killed (one was a competing morning drive jock that I would probably know if I listened enough in the early morning), and invited listeners to call in and do the same. During the brief time I listened, no one actually called out a person’s name, but some people were clearly referring to family members and co-workers.

My own o-worker had tuned this in at our office this morning. We tuned it out real fast, because we just couldn’t have customers walking into a hospital office and hearing about how nice it would be if Jane could her hubby.

So far today, it’s the worst taste behavior I’ve witnessed.

It always amazes me that people would call in to a radio show and say things they really, really don’t want people in their lives to know, and figure that nobody they know will recognize their voice. Imagine the discussion at dinner tonight when Jane’s husband comes home after being informed by a co-worker who heard the show and recognized Jane’s voice. Though if I were Jane’s husband, I wouldn’t come home, but send the police over to have a little talk with Jane.

By the way, welcome back, Boyo Jim. We’ve missed you…where’ve ya been?

Thank you, kittenblue, I have missed you as well. I haven’t been gone that long, and I’ve spent lots of lurking time. I’ve just felt more need to vent recently.

Bill Donohue and L. Brent Bozell.

Oh, wait, you’re not asking?

I want to kill this one fucker who starts SDMB threads about morning radio DJs. Asshat.

You should have rounded up a bunch of friends for an off-the-cuff calling campaign. If scads of people started calling and said they’d like to kill either Connie or Fish (or both), it’d serve 'em right.

<grumble grumble stupid thread titles getting songs stuck in my head grumble grumble>