This must be embarassing

The police found 900 photos in serial killer Rodney Alcala’s storage locker. They released 100 of the less sexually explicit ones. They’re goal is to identify possible victims.

The downside is, they are also identifying innocent people. These pictures were taken in the mid-1970’s. Most of these women are in their mid fifties today and probably have grandchildren.

It must be mortifying having this stuff published. Especially the explicit nudes. I can just see a grandkid, “Gee grandma, you didn’t shave your crotch back then?” :eek:
Talk about broadening your grandkids horizons. :wink:

I’d be willing to bet 99% of these women are not victims. This guy simply approached attractive women and took their picture. It was a way to meet them and strike up a conversation.

There are other and less intrusive ways to identify victims. Why not check old missing person reports? That’s the most common way to do it.

The linked story says that they’re not publishing the explicit ones, unless they can crop the explicit stuff out and still have the picture be identifiable.

That’s true. But, I bet the black lady in the bikini isn’t thrilled having that 35 year old picture posted on the front page of the article.

It’s weird because I went to college in the late 1970’s. This is my generation. The hair styles are very, very familiar to me. All the girls wanted to look like Farrah or Kate Jackson from Charlies Angels.

If you want to look through the whole collection of released photos, see here: Prosecutor worries Alcala might have killed others – Orange County Register (click on the “photos” tab).

It’s pretty obvious a bunch of those are cropped nudes - or at least topless photos.

Yeah, I went to look for nudes and all I found were some lousy crops. Very disappointing.

The same girl shows up in three separate photos in the first four groups.

I try very hard not to judge people by their looks. But when I saw this story in the paper this morning, before I even looked at the article, I said, “Jesus, that’s a creepy-looking bastard!” Guess I was right…


Any Dopers recognize themselves? :smiley:

It’s obvious this guy had some charm (at one time). Some of those girls that posed were very attractive.