This office is MINE!

There’s no one else here. There was, but he’s gone now. I’m the only one left.

Because it’s iced over in Austin, TX. I’m the only one stupid enough to have driven in this morning on the ice covered roads. Well, except for the guy from Denver, but he left to go to the gym.
I suppose I could get some work done, being technical lead on this project and having lots of stuff to go over. But heck. No one else is here. I could dance around naked if I wanted. I don’t think I want that.
The weather will probably improve around noon. Other people will show up. And I’ll have someone other than the stick figures I drew on the whiteboard to discuss issues with.

For now though, this place is mine.

Cool! You should have some more fun with the stick figures. You can draw beer mugs and have a party with them, or add in some spears for your own personal stick-figure Lord of the Flies.

(Says the girl who has some hot chocolate on the stove and is only dressed because her boss didn’t call her early enough to say not to come in.)

You would be suprised at how much fun it is to sit your naked butt on everyone else’s desk.

Crank up the music, race your chair up and down the halls.
Or, do cartwheels up and down the halls :smiley:
Screw with peoples desks… move stuff just a bit off kilter.

Take pictures of yourself following Zebra’s suggestion…

Yeah, I got up at 3:30 today to give myself enough time to get to work. Then I realized that that little puddle I parked my car in yesturday had turned into a little LAKE OF ICE!!! I knew it was sleeting yesturday, but I completely underestimated how bad the weather was going to be. I had to struggle for a good minute just to get my door open. After about fifteen minutes of trying to get my car warmed up, I thought “Screw it, today’s supposed to be my day off, I’m going back to bed.” So I called work, told them I was snowed in, and got myself an extra eight hours of sleep. :slight_smile: I love this weather!

Last night it took me almost two hours to drive the twelve miles from the office to my house- and I BARELY made it up my driveway. I decided there was no chance in hell that I’d go into work today- a shame, really, 'cause we’re in crunch mode right now, and we need all the man-hours we can get.

Monday, out at a park in Georgetown, I saw a four-foot rattlesnake sunning itself on the rocks. Right now, I bet he’s mighty confused. :slight_smile:

Oh, and it never actually got above freezing today… and we’re supposed to get more precipitation tonight. Sounds like another lazy day for me, tomorrow.

Just a little anecdotal evidence for how bad the roads are today. On my way in, approx one and a half miles of residential streets, I saw an accident involving two cars and a car which had slid off the road and gotten hung up on a storm drain in someone’s parkway. I lost traction backing out of my driveway(anti-lock brakes are wonderful things), and I had a fairly unpleasant slide resulting in a curb check coming around the bend right before the turn in to our building. Average speed this morning was ~5 MPH. If I had as far to go as some of my co-workers I certainly wouldn’t have come. The parking lots have NOT been sanded or salted. I nearly fell several times in the ~20 feet(on the upside, good parking spots are plentiful!) I had to go from my car to the stairs. I saw another gentleman who was having the same difficulties. It was almost this bad last night when I left(~8:30) because it had re-frozen from what had melted during the day, but it’s really scary this morning, if only because there are more people on the road.

This isn’t supposed to happen in Dallas!