This picture taken from a field

Look at this picture: and what impression do you get of the building with the straight arm coming out of the side into another structure? What kind of place do you think it could be at?

Grain elevator?

Yeah, I would say some sort of grain elevator too.

Yep, looks agricultural to me as well.

Looks a lot more like a crushing mill or mixing mill like you see in concrete yards. There are a variety of processes that need to process some kind of bulk material on this kind of scale.

Looks like a baghouse to me.

Baghouse would be my guess, as well. For a steel mill. Like in Pittsboro, IN, perhaps?

The tower along the left edge is very similar to those you see in refineries or gas distillation plants.

A processing plant for soylent green.

An ethanol plant? The tubby thing on the left could hold the grain.

Was it near a rail line?

That’s definitely the place where the bad guys are holding my girlfriend hostage.

I think it is a feed mill for animal feed.

The arm coming out of the top of the taller building, which looks like it holds storage silos, is the conveyor for the major ingredients. The contraption that conveyor goes into has bins for at least 4 other minor ingredients, there could be more bins behind these, you can see the discharge chutes below, the V or funnel shaped things, are feeding some kind of mixer/blender.

The pelletizing is probably done in the building in the fore ground that has the pipes running into it, which are either natural gas or steam lines. I can’t really tell if that is a boiler they are running from.

Definitely some product is being blended from multiple ingredients.

The bin assembly on the left, with the V shaped discharge chutes on the bottom appears to have the logo of AAF International on the top side.

They make industrial dust control products and bins, among other products. You need dust control when handling dry agricultural ingredients and they probably made that bin system. Of course the product being made might be fertilizer or some other agricultural product other than feed, that is blended from dry ingredients.
See here:

Reminds me of some bentonite processors I saw somewhere in SE Montana.

It also looks like the Friskies plant in Fort Dodge, Iowa. They make pet food.