These blast furnaces

What impression do you get of the blast furnaces in this picture?

“I think I saw those in Saints Row III”.

I get the feeling that’s it’s just compositejoe asking another odd question about a picture that he already knows the answer to.

How about you tell us why you’re doing this. It’s weird.

That the pic is found in a post “Can I sue one of the Scunthorpe steelworks blast furnaces?”

Industry! Men building products to be used by American families! A nation… on the move!

Well, that’s bizarre.

My brother the psych professor used to send me images and short paragraphs with the same sort of “What do you see here?” queries, as part of whatever project or evaluation he was working on at the time. I suspect a similar motivation in compjoe.


It makes me want to listen to some Pink Floyd.

I did think the same thing when I saw it, but I wanted to dig up all those other posts instead of playing his game.

Well, I did just finish The Dark Side of the Moon. But it’s just not the same when it’s sunny and in the low 80’s.

He seems to be increasing in frequency. Clearly the end times are upon us.

That they are made out of some kind of metal, probably steel.

Psych project?

They look like my mother with whom I’ve had a rough relationship with ever since she gave away my chicken nuggets to a neighbor kid to impress his mother making me have buried feelings of inadequacy in my adult life and explaining my hatred of chickens

Many years ago, driving west across northern Indiana toward Chicago would have you recalling a sad joke. "When the sky turns yellow and the smell changes, you know you’re in Da Region. Today, most of the steel mills are gone, and the air is much better there.

You reminded me of a passage from Jeffrey Eugenides’ Middlesex that really resonated with me, since it’s set in my stomping grounds of Detroit’s east side:

I must be in Pittsburgh!