How would you try to escape this march you were trapped in?

If you was in a North Korean style march, and you and 9999,99 other people were in this marching group, how would you try to escape?

The march takes place with a long line of all these people marching their way down a seemingly endless spiralling underground staircase. A version of the Eurythmics Sex Crime 1984 song would be playing with the ‘1984’ replaced with ‘2014’. If anybody tries to break away from the huge marching group, they will be locked away and forced to do hard labour.

Why would I want to escape? What’s waiting for me on the outside that’s worth the risk? What if there’s ice cream at the bottom?

Also, what’s a NK style march?

I’d call for mass disobedience. They can’t get us all! This is bullshit, everyone head back up the stairs!

What’s with all of the questions?

What do you mean?

You noticed that too? Glad it wasn’t just me…

Well, here are the thread titles or OPs of some of his/her threads. They don’t seem to be idle questions but instead seem intended for a particular purpose. I’m wondering what that is. (Perhaps it’s for psychology research? Or maybe he’s an architecture student?)

[li]What impression do you get of the blast furnaces in this picture?[/li]
[li]Look at this image and what impression do you get of the overall layout, and what kind of place of work do you think that it could be? [/li]
[li]Look at this picture and what impression do you get of the building with the straight arm coming out of the side into another structure? What kind of place do you think it could be at? [/li]
[li]What do you think could be inside this building? [/li]
[li]How abstract would you consider the inside of a large industrial building?[/li]
[li]Look at the gas holder in this picture and what is the impression you get of it? Also, would it be something you would be happy to get a view of from your backyard and/or bedroom window everyday? [/li]
[li]Hey guys, I was wondering what are your impressions on the department store shown in this video clip?[/li]
[li]What opinion do you have on this workplace?[/li][/ol]

I asked before. Didn’t get an answer, similar to how he doesn’t seem to contribute to his own threads much (that I’ve noticed).

How the hell did you guess?! Have you been spying on me or something? :eek::smiley:

I’m in your computer. (And yes, I saw what you did with yourself.)

OK, on that basis, do you know which countries I plan to travel to later this year?

…and which ones you’re selling the psych profiles (which you are compiling on each of us) too.