This Presidential campaign is so unfocused it is truly weird.

Here we are about two weeks away from the election and the “important” campaign issues are nowhere near the forefront.

Where’s the discussion about the environment, energy independence, urban problems, mass transit, the Iraq War, Israel/Palestine, deficits, unemployment, Osama bin Laden, the Taliban, Iran’s nuclear capability, North Korea, the trade deficit, a crumbling banking system, etc., etc.

Instead we hear about perceived racism, Joe the Plumber, who’s going to have to pay taxes (as if they are going to magically go away), ACORN, Bill Ayers, gay marriage, who’s a Muslim, who has the most valid but phony birth certificate, nasty campaign tactics and a bunch of other meaningless bullshit that really has no effect on our security or the direction of the country that is suppose to have the most power and economic influence in the world.

What the hell have we come to? All the important issues are lost and aren’t being addressed or discussed. The media and the public are wallowing around in nonsensical minutia that only indicates that we are in total denial.

This whole scene is sick. Somebody do an intervention and save us from ourselves.

Some of those have been discussed, not sure why they’re there.

“The people” have always been shallow idiots, nothing’s changed.

They’ve been discussed and discarded as though they are no longer relevant. Look at what is being discussed TODAY. It’s all nonsense. That’s the point of the OP.

Og knows, there’s no use bringing up illegal immigration. Neither candidate has an interest in getting that under control.

Both are staying in Iraq with many troops. No diff there.
Both are going to bring millions of jobs. No diff there.
Barack does say the Taliban is in Afghanistan and Pakistan. So maybe he will talk to them? McCain will win the war. He knows how to win wars. He won…I dunno he and Palin say he knows how anyway.
They both will get the deficit under control by cutting taxes and increasing programs. Somehow that seems to work for them.

The presidential debates are over. 14 days and counting until Election Day.

October Surprise? :wink: