What's going well?

Among the critical issues facing our nation that need our immediate attention are healthcare, the environment, education, foreign relations, and energy… not to mention the OMG WTF BBQ of the credit crisis. So is there any issue that a presidential candidate can say, “Oh, that’s not such a big deal right now. We’re pretty content with that. I think we should just leave that one alone.”?

I think immigration counts. Notice how when we have real problems this fake problem completely dissapears from the conversation. Immigrants are and always have been a net benefit to the country. Xenophobic whining is popular when there isn’t a whole lot else to care about, but it is basically an issue that isn’t important enough to be at the forefront of debate.

Well, within 2 days of me losing my job and a month after my husband lost his, I’ve gotten to shut down my 401k to save my house and apply for food stamps for my family, but hey! at least I had the 401K. Of course, we lost our health insurance and since I’m 40, I can pretty much kiss having another child goodbye, since my new job does not offer health insurance because they are a small business that can’t afford it quite yet.

That is good, right?

I mean, I’m sure I can call my mortgage company and see if they will stop charging me the additional $100 a month on the off chance that my homeowners insurance instead of raising 400% in a year, might raise 500%.