This teacher is not fit to teach !

Why is the teacher unfit to teach? Something other than just a random link would be very helpful.

Sorry, I’m not clicking on a random link with no description. Please put some effort into your thread. What is this about? Is there a topic for discussion here?

Supposedly, the teacher has been forcing a 4 year old left-handed preschooler to do everything right-handed because left-handedness is associated with the Devil and evil and wickedness etc., and sent a note home with the child stating such.

The link contains “oklahoma-4-year-old-left-hand-evil-sinister-teacher” and that’s what it’s about. A teacher is forcing a left handed Pre-K child to write with the other hand because the left hand is evil. According to the teacher, the Devil is left handed.

We better not say anything bad about this woman. Wouldn’t want to be accused of attacking Christian values, now would we?

Christianity, of course, has absolutely nothing to do with this. If she wasn’t a Christian, she’d be doing exactly the same thing. The problem is culture, not religion. What she believes and why she believes it is completely irrelevant.

Fish gotta swim,
Birds gotta fly.
Apologists gotta apologi.

Those are Christian concepts and Christian superstitions-you can’t say this has nothing to do with Christianity.

This was my story from kindergarten. My teacher attempted to make me write, cut with scissors, etc. with my right hand, although I already had preference for doing things with my left hand. This was 45 years ago.

A short visit between my mom and the teacher ended it. My father is left handed and they didn’t want the school to attempt to correct my handedness preference.

Teachers unfit to be teaching. There’s news for you.

California has tens of thousands of “teachers” teaching on what’s termed an “emergency credential,” meaning absolutely no qualifications other than some college (usually a bachelor’s in anything) is required. Other states have similar loopholes to get around the severe shortage of truly qualified educators.

And every district has teachers so far past their prime they are probably actively damaging students more than helping them - but between union regs and sentimentality, they can’t be budged with dynamite.

Not to mention that ed is the final stop on the “too stupid to do anything else” road for the semi-educated.

So, yawn.

Sounds like my great-aunt-in-law, who was a teacher back in the Philippines. When she said that to my step-daughter, she was read the riot act (to do so to an elder is nearly unheard of) and from that point on would have nothing to do with any of us (me, wife and daughter, though she would still come to visit her brother, my father-in-law).

That said, if we were to get rid of every teacher unfit to teach, there would be maybe a dozen teachers left per state, tops. We get what we pay for.

Absolutely can. The vast, overwhelming majority of Christians are peaceful people who don’t have anything against left handed people. Suggesting that Christianity is somehow anti-left handed people is simple bigotry.

Oh, sure. Christian scriptures may well repeatedly state that the right hand is superior to the left (Psalm 110:1, Genesis 48:13, Galatians 2:9), but that has nothing to do with anything. And yeah, Christian scriptures may well contain disparaging references to the left hand, like Matthew 25:34. But don’t worry. That doesn’t have anything to do with anything either. This entire issue is cultural, not religious. Without religion, this teacher would just find some other reason to hate on left handed 4 year olds. Need I remind you that is completely impossible to criticise Christian Scripture without indicting every Christian on the face of the Earth, past, present, and future? I personally know many Christians who wouldn’t dream of doing anything like this. Mr. T is a Christian. Do you hate Mr. T?

Stop being such a bigot.

I’m a Christian, and I don’t recall being taught that left-handed people were of the Devil…I guess I must have been absent that day.

This is an Idiot concept and *Idiot *superstition-it has everything to do with being an Idiot.

Tithonus, I’m quite certain you’re not as clever as you think you are.

Did you actually use the “No True Scotsman” Fallacy and the “If you dislike one Christian that means you must dislike them all!” Fallacy in the same paragraph? :rolleyes:

Y’know, given your username, you’re remarkably bad at spotting when people are being sarcastic :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s nice sweetie.

Woosh. **Tithonus **was actually engaging in oh so clever Islam-bashing. The pertinence of which to this thread is surely obvious to… well, I hope it is to him, at least.

Or you are remarkably bad at being sarcastic, since I’m not the only one who took your post at face value.

Oh yeah? Well if I’m so bad at sarcasm how come I was able to get to the grand final of the world sarcasm olympics in Chile in 1967? Huh? Answer me that.