This time I'm really going to watch "The Thing"

It’s on right now. I tried watching it once before but the early dog kennel scene freaked me right the fuck out and I turned it off.

[Bender voice]I’m really gonna do it! Don’t try to stop me!*

I’m going to watch this sucker. I loved the original The Thing, and I love Alien, so why do I have trouble with this one?

Of course I’m also recording it, too, in case I wuss out at some point. I am home alone, after all.

Which one? The one with Kurt Russel?

Here’s a tip: try watching “The Thing” with Dark Side of the Moon playing in the background. Backward. :smiley:

No, just kidding. You might like The Thing if you can get past all the creepy horror ick scary boo.

Yeppers. Apologies - I should have specified John Carpenter’s The Thing.


It’s getting pretty oogy.

You’re in for quite a treat. :smiley:

Check out Howard Hawks’s original. Still a masterpiece.

My God…we agree on something! :smiley:

“I don’t know what’s in there, but it’s weird and pissed off!”

For years after that movie, whenever it was even slightly on point, you could hear one of my kids say “I ain’t sittin’ next to Windows!”

The Thing is contagious.

By my calculations, if it ever gets on the internet then in 3 years time all of humanity will be watching it.

You can Watch Instantly on Netflix RIGHT FRIGGIN’ NOW! RUN!!!

Ya gotta be fucking kidding.

Y’know, McFarlane toys made Thing action figures. One of them hangs from my dining room light fixture.

I have not played The Thing video game because my pc still is not up to specs.

I haven’t rented the dvd and heard the commentary, though I’ve heard good reviews of the commentary.

Oh, a picture of the thing as described in the original story Who Goes There? is in Barlowe’s Guide To Extraterrestrials.

I love this flick. I’m not much into horror, but movies like The Thing and the original Alien rock.

Watch it with limited commercial interruption on

Don’t bother. For every atom of Awesome that went into the movie, an opposing atom of Suck was used in the creation of the video game.

Well, that was gruesome. Perhaps I shouldn’t have chosen a dark rainy day when I was sick and alone in the house to watch it. What I need now is some nice wholesome hockey with fistfighting.

Well done on the paranoia aspect. In my mind, The Thing is Alien is JC’s The Thing, as the same basic reliable haunted house theme is reworked and improved upon. I really thought it was the dog guy Clark who was going to burst out as the next alien manifestation - they got me good. Wilford Brimley made a good possible suspect, as well. I can’t pinpoint when he got infected, though - probably when he was isolated in that shed, I suppose.

I’d love to have a sculpture of the corpse they find at the Norwegian camp, the one they killed in mid-transformation. So creepy.

I love this line. My husband and I say it whenever appropriate. :smiley:

I saw it when it first came out, and I was disappointed with it. I sort of recall the dogs in the cages, and it didn’t freak me out, but then I was disappointed that it seemed such a departure from the original (1951). I don’t even recall if I finished watching it. The original definitely made an impression on me; I never forgot it, and I bought it as soon as it came out on VHS. I prefer a horror movie that grabs me at the outset and then slowly tweaks out the “horror” with suspense and intelligent reasoning by the characters, leading up to a surprising and a relatively horrifying but happy ending. Blood and guts just don’t do it for me. I’m not squeamish; I just like decent dialogue, acting, and suspense. (Although I think that the “mad doctor” in the original was a little over the top.)

I caught it on one of the late late night showings on TV once (mid-80’s). Scared and creeped the bejeezus out of me. I didn’t get much sleep that night.

The original is more of a departure from the book than the remake is.