This time tomorrow I will be flying with with a 7 month old

And my husband. Not sure which is worse, being stuck in economy class with a wiggly baby or a 6 foot something large male.

I’ve read all the threads about flying with kids (well all the ones I could find) and think I’ve got the situtation under control. I have flown with her before but she was only 6 weeks old then and alot less wiggly.

But the packing! Oh My God! One tiny little baby and her stuff fills and entire suitcase, changes of clothes, nappies, blankets, bottles, toys and so on.

I’ve arranged for my mum to get the grocery store to deliver nappies, wipes, baby food and all other consumable items to her place. But it still seems like I need to pack alot. Mum and Dad’s house isn’t baby friendly and Mum is in a wheelchair (she has MS) so alot of the not baby friendly stuff needs to stay as is because of Mums needs.

Suggestions and tips on what is essential for baby travel and what can be done without would be really helpful.

Darn! Just remembered I still have to find room to pack the Christmas gifts.

/stern look on

You listen to me and you listen good!

** For the love of all that is good and clean and babyfresh smelling, you WILL pack a clean fresh pacifer in your purse and you WILL have another around the baby’s neck on a string or something. **

/stern look off.

I don’t care if you forget everything else including your husband, but by gumption you will remember ** that! **

Your infant does not know how to clear it’s ears to equalize pressure. Because of that, when ascending or descending they are prone to screaming in discomfort. ** REALLY FRICKIN’ LOUDLY TOO!!! ** which eventually stretches the jaw wide enough to open the inner ear and equalize pressure. However, the whole thing creates nothing but misery for your baby, you, your husband, and every other non-deaf passenger on the plane.

The pacifier is an accidental miracle in this regard, because the movement of jaw the baby makes while sucking accomplishes the same thing as a 110 decibel scream. It opens the ear to equalize pressure. Only your baby will be happier, quieter and your fellow passengers will not loathe you and your surround sound scream system.

I will also point out that a sleeping baby is a happy baby that nobody loathes. You may wish to plan your feedings and or slipping of half a valium in the milk accordingly.

Okay that last part is in jest. :slight_smile:


I used the pacifier (called a ‘dummy’ in Aussie english) to good effect last time I flew with her. Actually got compliments from the people sitting next to me about what a good baby she was.

However now she is teething and each time I try and put the dummy in her mouth she spits it across the room. However I have found a ‘slow flow’ teat for her bottle and plan on using that she will have to work a little harder to get her milk. Double benefit of plugging her mouth and filling her tummy. Plus some stuff to reduce the teething pain and she should be good for take off and landing.

You are in my thoughts and in my prayers.

I am? Thank-you.

I don’t pray, but that situation might inspire me to start.

Good planning is the key (I hope). Maybe I should start praying too.

If your 7-month-old does start screaming uncontrollably. . . don’t spend the next 20 years teasing her about it.

Not a worry about that Dizzy Fingers if she does start screaming I have a feeling that it will be a memory I try very hard to repress.

I did that exact thing a couple of months ago. Sucking is good, basically. Mine actually slept a lot of the way. But it is a huge pain to keep her in your lap in that tiny space. --I found that a Snugli was the best way; I could carry her all around, strap her in in the airplane, and nurse with a little maneuvering, and I didn’t need to lug a stroller.

As long as you’re planning well and doing your best, just ignore any dirty looks you get. Hold your head high! (Actually, everyone was very nice to me. But just in case, remember that mothers have as much right to fly as other people.)

Speaking from experience of flying with a 6 month old – time their feeding and change their diaper BEFORE you get on the plane. We were stuck on a snowy runway for 45 minutes and my son decided to load up his diaper with the foulest substance he could muster and then had the gall to scream about it. Since we were already on the runway the stewardess would not allow us to get up and change him. The wrinkled noses of the passengers around us convinced us to change our flying tactics next time.

I have no advice to give. Just popped in to say…

This time Sunday I’ll be flying with my little 3 month old. This time Monday, too…


I’ve been given the “sucking is good” talk by my friends too. I just hope a boob or a finger will do the trick, 'cos she’s never had a dummy and I’m not entirely sure whe’d know what to do with it.

Thinkin’ good thoughts for you leechbabe

Dangermom great idea about the snugli, last time I flew with her I used a similar thing but forgot all about it until I saw your post.

Nappy change and bottle ready prior to boarding - check.

Good luck with your flight Aspidistra. The first time I flew with Annie she had never had a dummy before either and we had a practice run the night before. Luckily for us she took to it.

“I’ve been given the “sucking is good” talk by my friends too. I just hope a boob or a finger will do the trick, 'cos she’s never had a dummy and I’m not entirely sure whe’d know what to do with it.” said Aspidistra.

Yes, boobs certainly do the trick!!

I remember my first flight from Japan to England with my baby when he was five months old. We were seated near to the toilet with the changing table, which was useful but also meant we had to endure lines of people wating to use the toilet standing over us. That didn’t bother me until I fell asleep nursing baby, and woke up GOD KNOWS how much later with sleeping baby fallen off my boob, and it perkily greeting everyone who walked by.

Ah well, I’m never going to meet any of those people again. (This is a very good philosophy - it gets you over a lot of things that happen to you when you are with a baby…)

And I have travelled countless times between Japan and England, usually alone, and for the past three years with two kids. It is doable. Lots and lots of changes of clothes and at least one for you!!

definately bring at least one change of clothing. You want to bring a lot of baby wipes as well. I usually wear cargo pants and a shirt with pockets and had stuff stashed all over. Pacificer, wipes, snacks, etc. When the kid is not having a good time, you want to be able to quick draw something and it’s a real good idea to have several backups along with your hubby.

Call the airline in advance and make sure they have an infant meal prepared as well. you may not want it but it might come in real handy.

Well it is now 11.22pm. I think I have finished packing.

Two suitcases, one bag, my brothers christmas present which wouldn’t fit into any of the bags I had.

For taking on-board a nappy bag, dilly bag with toys/blankets/cloth nappies for cleaning up messes, bottle bag with 5 clean and ready to use dummies plus bonjella and baby panadol for teething and a couple of bottles waiting in the fridge with the slow flow teats.

Now I just have to find the baby carrier / snugli thing.

What is the bet when Leechboy eventually gets home from work he will unearth some essential item of clothing from under the bed that has to be washed and dried before we go. Either that or he will want to pack a gazillion CD’s and DVD’s.

Hey that reminds me I didn’t pack anything to entertain me on the plane. That figures, gone are the days when I could kick back and read a book and relax during the flight.

One of the biggest suprise I had while flying with my 18 month old was giving him his sippy cup. It seems that it was sealed up at ground level and when I opend the straw it spurted a strem of milk 2 feet high. So watch any airtight bottles.

If your baby is a little congested then the ear pressure can be painful. Sucking on and swallowing is one of the best ways to keep the ears clear. The presure change occurs during takeoff and landing so be prepared. I always give my son his bottle at those times just to help keep the presurre equal in his ears rather than waiting for the screaming.

Have a great trip.

Thank-you JackaRoe good tip about the air tight bottles, I don’t want to be showering my neighbours in milk.

Annie snored all night - louder than her dad! So I think that she is not going to be a happy camper at take-off and landing. Got the bottles ready to go and some baby nose spray (saline water) to help clear her nose. 4 hours to go.

Eh, don’t bother to pack anything to entertain yourself. I did, in a mood of pointless hope, and all it did was take up space that could have held more baby wipes. :slight_smile: Good luck!

Yay we arrived safe and sound. The flight went smoothly, although the 1.5 hour wait to check in and get through security was tedious.

We were very lucky and got a row of three seats to ourselves so leechboy and I could sit in the end seats and Annie played in the middle seat. Plus we had familys infront, behind and beside us. All of the children were really well behaved so a good flight all round. :slight_smile:

Now we just have to get home.