"This war will reduce the chances of terrorist attacks" - really?

So, Bush’s “We’re off to war so up yours, France” speech seemed to be based on the precept that if the US doesn’t get rid of Saddam, another 9/11 will happen before too long. The implication being that if the war goes ahead, the threat of terrorism will be reduced.

Now that doesn’t quite seem to square with the increased alert level due to "the increased threat of terrorism in the event of war being declared. (I’m on holiday in San Francisco at the moment and I believe we’re currently at tangerine alert, roughly - i.e. they’re not quite at the point of arresting anyone with a beard.)

So, does anyone really think the war will reduce the threat level? Or will it just convert thousands more impressionable youths across the Middle East to the terrorist cause, ready to avenge their families killed by US aggression?

As there seems to be no evidence of Saddam’s involvement in terrorism against the US, removing him will not cause a reduction. I agree with your final paragraph - the war will increase resentment towards the US in the middle east and make terrorist attacks more likely.