This weather is sapping all my productivity.

What a useless weekend. In a normal year early March is one of my more productive times. I’m usually fairly ambitious on the weekends, finishing up my inside projects, in preparation for outside projects season. But the week of 60s in late February screwed it all up. As much as I chanted to my self that Spring wasn’t really here yet, not to get ahead of itself, it didn’t work. My brain switched to spring thoughts mode.

And now it is bright and sunny, the lawn is slowly greenening, …and it’s 32 degrees. :mad:
My entire body wants to be outside, but doesn’t want to go outside. So I disinterestedly surf the for a few minutes, then go look at inside work stuff I have no motivation for doing, Then flip around TV for a couple minutes,Then go outside and look around for a short bit before coming back inside, then start up a computer game before realizing there is nothing I want to do in there, check my work email and make a couple excuses why nothing actually needs to be done till Monday. Then I figure out that all of that only took about 20 minutes, which leaves 10 full minutes to feel guilty about not doing anything so I can repeat the cycle.

What a crappy pre-Spring limbo non-season this month is.

I just drove past a house that had daffodils in bloom. In early March. Something’s not right.