This Wedks's awful Mass Murder

I see a huge market for tech. Companies here, wrt identitying mass shooters before they attack. You could download an app that monitors social media, past purchases, and location. and lets you know when someone who fits the description of a mass killer is nearby, and issues a warning to subscribers. And the best part? No big bad nanny government involved. Now that’s a solution all parties can agree on

Free the free market! Unless you’re a pussy

That’s kinda the plot of the current season of Elementary, only the computer mogul villain is preemptively killing the future murderers.

Lol, yeah I don’t think an app can do that, yet. But as long as it’s not the big bad gubment right?

Or is business AND gubment evil? Fuck I’m so confused.

Business is beautiful except when Our jobs go to China and Our IT support goes to India. So long as the IT support for the app is in Costa Rica (1) and your telephone is Made in Korea (2), you’re golden.

1: it’s one of those Mexican countries, but one with a healthy economy and society which sends very few people to the US, therefore one which doesn’t exist. Or something. Pura Vida anyway, damn I miss that place.
2: I suggest making that South Korea, but you may need to check with your President.

Nevermind, can’t have Cossta Ricans taking advantage of our mass shootings.

They have no incentive to do that, though. Also, muscle cars did not die, they had a temporary decline in popularity which eventually rebounded. Every fourth car I see on the damn road is a new Challenger.

The incentive isn’t there, cause of federal protection against free market principles.
Modern muscle cars still require higher premiums, and mostly owned by older responsible drivers. Younger drivers? They pay out the ass, as they should

Jesus, I just watched surveillance video of the Dayton shooter get gunned down by police on CNN.

So the shootings in Chicago aren’t a problem? That’s good to know.

And yes, I have been to Chicago. Many times.

So you’ve got a white guy who walks into a store and starts firing away. Seven customers are killed, six of whom happen to be black.

Of that set of “assailants and victims,” what percentage would be described as black?

Bonus points if you get the answer without clicking on the spoiler box.


Why are you trying to derail this thread with this Chicago stuff? What does Chicago have to do with a mass shooter inspired by Trump to murder a bunch of Hispanic people in El Paso? Every major city in America has shootings. Chicago isn’t even at the top of the list. Are you incapable of just discussing the thread topic?



If I may be so crass as to quote myself:

It’s a conservative trope that every time there’s a mass shooting, and clamor is raised for gun control, conservatives start saying “whatabbout Chicago?”.

Interestingly…I just finished Michelle Obama’s memoir (“Becoming”) and she devotes a considerable amount of time lamenting gun violence in Chicago.

So yes: news flash: it’s possible to be horrified both by gang shootouts in Chicago and random massacres in a movie theater or elementary school. It’s not an either/or. And here’s the best part: the same solution (gun controls) helps both problems! Amazing!!

That’s pretty clearly not what they meant, and I would bet everything I own that this is not what comes through in the actual data. As I demonstrated with FBI statistics in a different thread a while back, although most murders involve assailants and victims of the same race, it’s significantly more common, on a per capita basis, for a black person to kill a white person than vice versa.

Then I guess we need to bring back copy editor as a profession, because that’s pretty clearly what that set of words MEANS. If they meant something else, they should have used different words.


We are on the verge of the 50th anniversary of Woodstock. If you read a New York Times story that said “the vast majority of musicians and concertgoers had a great time despite the difficulties with weather and logistics”, would you really think that might mean that virtually every musician hated it but were outnumbered by the vast numbers of those in the audience who enjoyed it? :dubious:

It wouldn’t exclude the possibility.