I forget, do we have a general HurricaneDitka Pit thread?

He also has a tremendous amount of concern regarding Democrats.

When people join the US military, which has murdered many millions of innocent non-“whites”, it is hard to take them seriusly when they lament white supremacy.

The US military is basically a white supremacist organization with access to stolen money and deadlier weapons. This point has been made much clearer after 9/11 for the thinking citizenry of the world. Anyone who has joined the military after 9/11 is on average much worse than WWII era German soldiers because most of those guys were conscripted slaves. Today’s military is voluntarily murderous.

“I think people who joined the US military after 9/11 were not entirely unreasonable in their reaction to the events of 9/11.”

Do you agree with this statement Andy?

I agree that that and your post before are false dilemmas.

No the dilemma in Andy’s head is quite real.

Nothing stains more conservative pillows with tears, other than maybe their deep, heartfelt concern over gang violence in the South Side of Chicago, triggered every time there’s a mass shooting somewhere else.

I hadn’t noticed you before.


Go ahead and deny that a lot of the strawman that you are making was changed decades ago by Harry S. Truman.

So you only made yourself to be an ignoramus of history, want to make it worse? Please proceed governor…

Yeah, that was quite a post. I wonder if we’re missing an attempt at satire or something.

Whatever nonsense/fantasyland stuff you’re talking about, it has nothing to do with this thread; if you want to start a new thread about your whackjob nutty views about the world, feel free, but I feel no need to indulge your wackiness in this one.

I’m giving him the benefit for a very short minute here. If he’s equating those who serve their country with those who seek to violently destroy it, then things might change quickly here. I’m hoping it’s satire.

probably not satire

I thought he was Der Trihs!

It could just be his beef with me. He’s been saying hateful things about me personally for a long time on this board.

WillF crawls out specifically to spew his hatred in threads where he can get in random digs at liberals. I believe he’s racist and that he has some mighty strange views on the Civil War. I’ll have to look for those threads. I might be mis-remembering that bit.

Will is a hardcore anarchocapitalist who believes that the United States went to hell in 1788 when the fascists overturned the Articles of Confederation, then it went to hell again in 1865 when the fascists won the Civil War, then it went to hell again in 1935 when the fascists implemented the New Deal, then it went to hell again in 1964 when the fascists passed the Civil Rights act.

Thank you.

Oh, you trolling wanker. Fuck right off. :rolleyes:

Wasn’t McVeigh’s accomplice, Terry Nichols, married to an Asian?

I hear they had a Jew lawyer. So they couldn’t be racists. Right?