This'll all microbrew is amazing!

A new brewery opened up in my home town, SoME Brewing Company in York Maine, i picked up a bottle of their Farmhouse Style beer,and I’ll admit, I was apprehensive, I find most beers unpalatable bitter swill, utterly disgusting.

This brew is different, it has a complex sweetness, a nice smooth mouthfeel, a bright start and a toasty finish, the flavor is hard to pin down, starts sweet, finishes savory, with just a hint of bitterness, nothing unpleasant or unpalatable (I hate bitter tastes) with a touch of citrus

This stuff is absolutely delicious, and at 7.2% alcohol content, it packs a solid punch as well…

Very nice brew, very palatable, very drinkable, and the fact that the brewery is about a 10 minute drive from home, that means it’s almost impossible to get much fresher than this

I’m not a fan of beer, but I could make an exception for this one…

Looks like this brew is strong enough to mangle the thread title as well :wink:

Maybe drop “all” from the title and just make this thread about good microbrews people have had recently. However, I should warn you this could then very easily turn into a “beer snob” thread.

“Farmhouse” and your description implies that it’s a saison. These have become very popular in the last 2 or so years. Always good for a summer day.

I asked this question on another thread but couldn’t get a definitive answer. Why are so many micro-breweries and distilleries opening up in the States? I assumed it was a change in Federal Law, but was told that wasn’t the reason. Was it a libertarian push in individual States from the alcohol lobby?

Welcome to the dark side.

The change in law in most states was a long time ago; microbreweries started popping up in the early 90s.

I think it’s a combination of people being more interested in food and drink in general, beer just being popular, and local-source foods coming into vogue.

In Connecticut, the laws were changed in (I think) 2012 to allow breweries to sell directly to the public. Before then an aspiring micro-brewer needed to find a distributor to sell his beers. That is one more hurdle to overcome, and very few people bothered.

Now that they can open tasting rooms, folks can find their beers and start asking their local bars and restaurants to carry them. I also believe we passed a “beer snob” tipping point, where average drinkers are expecting something more than Budmillecoors on tap when they go out.

(We have had four exceptional microbreweries open within a half-hour’s drive over the past two years. I expect to see a few more pop up like mushrooms, then die back to the best/ best managed handful once the fad peaks.)

I know the guy who started SoME with his dad - skier friend.

I’ve seen “Farmhouse” and “Farmhouse style” used many different ways lately. I had a Terrapin(?) brewery “Farmhouse Style” ale that in the fine print said it was a malt beverage.

But I’ve had some excellent farmhouse ales lately.

ETA: I don’t see the farmhouse on their site, but this sounds interesting.– Whoopie Pie Stout: Milk Stout aged on Cocoa Nibs and Vanilla Beans 6% abv

VooDoo brewing in Meadville, PA had something similar on cask recently.