Thomas Jefferson once shot a man for treason on the White House lawn

John Travolta uttered this line in Swordfish.

So, is it true? Details?


swordfish was the only good movie i saw this summer :frowning:

Thomas Jefferson did NOT shoot a man on the White House lawn because of treason. Thomas Jefferson shot a man in Reno jsut to watch him die. :slight_smile:

And for those of us who are factually impaired yes, it’s true- The White House does indeed sit on an abandoned lot outside of Reno, Nevada. In fact, the entire seat of government quietly moved out there in the 1940’s, at the behest of Don Corleone.

I swear to god, nobody reads any more. :smiley:


And when he hears that train a-rollin, he hangs his head and cries.

Dammit, Spritle, that was my joke! :wink:

yes, but did George Washington wake up Sunday morning, with no way to hold his head that didn’t hurt?


The way I heard it was that Janet Reno shot Vince Foster at the Jefferson Memorial, but they covered it up.

Maybe Jefferson beat him in a Japanese Cage Deathmatch in the Oval Office.

He then stood over his body and said
“CAn you SMEEEELLLLLLLLL, what the Prez, is cooking?”

No, but I’ve heard it said that before his assasination, Abraham Lincoln dreamed he walked in a field of flowers (oh, what a dream) and the houses all were silver towers.

Damn. You stole this from my post in Pity song lyrics :smiley:

so … anyone watch a movie better than Swordfish this summer?

If he shot a man in Reno,Nevada, Why did he go to
Folsom Prison in California?

Sorry, I’m familiar with this movie under its alternate title, Plot Hole.

I’d say Memento, but then that one doesn’t have Halle Berry topless. You can see the moral dilemma I’m facing.

bossk-you are so right.