Thomas Paine: American Hero?

I adopted a sig line soon after I got on this board that was uncomplimentary to Thomas Paine. I liked the inherent contradiction.

I was expecting someone to challange me about it, so I could discuss it.

But no 1 did. For over 100 posts.

Am I missing something?
Is there some custom against discussing controversial sig lines?

I mean, Thomas Paine is an American Hero isn’t he?

Oh, I should let you see my sig.

Just putting my 2sense in.

Tyranny,* like Hell*,* is not easily conquered*.
-Thomas Paine (fugitive slave catcher)

So was Thomas Paine a fugitive slave catcher?

The man is one of my heros. He makes me proud to be an American.

Maybe America hasn’t allways lived up to his rhetoric. But without our revolution, democracy would have been set back for many decades.

Why did no one try to cure my ignorance?
I don’t know.


Just putting my 2sense in

Curtis C. Cleveland… PROUD to be American

WAG–because everyone knows Tom was in Paris when the first fugitive slave law was passed (and was loosely enforced) and was dead when the second fsl (the one with teeth) was passsed!

“Character is much easier kept than recovered.”

– Thomas Paine, The American Crisis, No. 13, April 19, 1783.
Dr. Watson
“Any Questions?”

a) Thomas did some cool things in his time, and was a small part of something very big that just got bigger and bigger for hundreds of years.
b) I don’t know about the slave thing, but personally if it’s true I consider it irrelevant. I’m a pretty reasonable considerate person, and I’m sure that in 200 years there will be aspects of my life that will be considered deplorable. You do the best you can where you are.

I named my son after Thomas Jefferson and I’m well aware of his owning other humans. Of course I find slavery deplorable, but I still have enourmous respect for him.

The stated purpose of this board…
Do you not agree with this purpose?
Your answer was pithy, but quite incomplete.
Care to try again?

Just putting my 2sense in.

Curtis C. Cleveland… Proud to be American!


Thank you for the quote.

Any ideas on my question?

The OP is sort of a 2 parter. Sorry if I caused any confusion.

I was trying for drama.
PS- I just realised.

Someone did ask me yesterday about the quote. That’s why I started this thread.

Sorry mipsman! You were the one trying to cure ignorance. Give the man a prize!
(I’m not sure what the prize would be. But you certainly deserve 1.)

You do know that he was English?

… and that there was also a Revolution in France?

C’mon Tom, all the ‘founding fathers’ were English until they decided to correct and improve upon that - and once the Revolution was over, all the non-Loyalist ex-Englishmen were then Americans - even the ones who were actually born on the island of GB like Paine. Paine also garnered himself an honorary French citizenship after their revolution (which arguably would not have happened had the Americans not started something new with theirs).

As for slave catcher – no, that’s completely absurd – he spent most of his life in poverty, although he did, as I recall, make corsets for a time, as well as teach school.

And don’t “try for drama” just ask your question if you have one, don’t expect us to do all the work and run with your sig, half of us don’t even read the things anyway.

All you need to start an asylum is an empty room and the right kind of people.

“Any ideas on my question?”

Would that there were a question. It seems only that you are trolling for an explanation of why no one responded to your trolling for a reaction.

This is not a question, and, in fact, fits no known response catagory. Congratulations. You’ve truly broken new ground.
Dr. Watson
“No more questions. Thank you.”

Hear! Hear!
If you keep that attitude, 2, you may find that you’re treated like Tom Paine was when he returned to America in 1802.


Have I made some faux pas?
I don’t think I have an attitude.
I am not being sarcastic!
Why am I being called a troll?


Here is some help: Read the quote Dr. Watson supplied. Repeat.


I suspect it was a little too subtle.


Hmm. It seems pretty straightforward to me.

What I don’t understand is what I might have done that to cast doubt as to my character.

I would appreciate help on this.

Sorry folks, something came up.
I have to go out for an hour or so.
I will be back.

If I have insulted anyone: I apologise.

If I have just made a fool of myself: It’s not the first time.

Thomas Paine was one of the greatest thinkers, oraters, and writers of the 1700s. Probably the people who started the story of slave catcher are the same people who exiled him because he DARED to even mention that maybe men made their own destinies, that science could be trusted, and God can not be blamed or credited for everything. Not in so many words of course. Poor Tom has had problems since he has been alive. Lets give the man the credit he deserves and end vicious rumors about him now, ok?

“Everybody’s got something to hide except for me and my monkey”-The Beatles

It is my belief that this thread is not helping to cure ignorance.

In fact, I believe it is doing the opposite.

Somehow MY ignorance has caused this.

I will start another thread to discuss this.

ATTN. Eutychus55 please close this thread.

They were all British subjects, but they were not all English. A large number of them were born in America, whereas Paine was born in England. He lived in England till he was in his mid-30s, then travelled to America where he lived for about 13 years. He spent most of the rest of his life in England and France, although he eventually returned to the USA where he was treated rather shabbily before he died in his early 70s. His body was returned to England for burial.

“His body was returned to England for burial.”

Well, sort of. Paine was originally buried on his farm in New Rochelle, NY, but around ten years after his death some wise guy named Cobbett dug up his bones and took them to England. Presumably the reason for this was noble, but somehow life ended up imitating life, and Paine’s bones were lost and never recovered.
Sometimes the fates just have it in for a guy.
Dr. Watson
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