"Thor" movie reviews are coming in hot!

I’ll see just about any halfway decent big-budget superhero movie to come along, so yeah, I’ll probably see it. Glad to hear the critics like it so far.

I’m a little bit baffled that they are opening the movie on Friday in the USA, don’t the producers know what [del]Thorsday[/del] Thursday was for?


[spoiler]So after Daddy O killed his real father, kidnapped him, always (in Loki’s mind)treated him as second best to the real son, got pissed and exiled Thor for attacking the Frost Giants. He decides he wants O’s love after all and thinks the way to get it is to keep Thor in exile and destroy the Giants entire world?

If he’d actually just left Thor alone, or even brought him back, and set up a Giant invasion so that he and the other companions emerged victorious he could have got the goal of daddy’s love and possibly obtained rulership of both realms.[/spoiler]

That last part is where I thought the movie was headed but, as I said earlier, the last 15-20 mins with the bifrost seemed WTF?

Well, in the spoiler box below (as not to print out a huge list) are the movies currently showing in theatres in Oslo, Norway. (I’ve edited out the Norwegian/Scandinavian movies)

Another Year
Arthur 3 og De To Verdener [Arthur 3 and the Two Worlds]
Black Swan
Blue Valentine
Castaway on the Moon [Korean]
Fast and Furious Five
I Am Number Four
Justin Bieber: Never Say Never (3D)
Kongens tale
Landsbyen på toppen av fjellet [Italian - Le Quattro Volte]
Nawals hemmelighet - Incendies [French]
No Strings Attached
Om guder og mennesker [French - lit. “Of gods and men”]
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides 3D [To come]
Rango [original speech]
Rio - 3D [original speech]
Rio 2D - [Norwegian, dubbed]
Rio 3D - [Norwegian, dubbed]
Route Irish
Red Riding Hood
Rødt hjerte [Dli Sur - Iraq/Norway]
Sanctum (3D) [To come]
Saras nøkkel [French - Elle s’appelait Sarah]
Scream 4
Sucker Punch
The Eagle
Thor (2D)
Thor (3D)
Tangled True Grit
Water for Elephants
Winter’s Bone
World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles

Now, out of those I’ve seen 10. Black Swan was OK, Castaway on the Moon was pretty sweet, The King’s Speech was thoroughly solid, Route Irish was watcheable and The Eagle was entertaining (but for the sensation of watching the material on the cutting room floor of the Gladiator and Rome.)

I Am Number 4 was boring dreck, Hop was lukewarm Ice Age leftovers warmed with saccharine, Sucker Punch was quasi-pornographic masturbation fantasy, Unknown could never decide if it wanted to be Frantic or North by Northwest and World Invasion: Battle of Los Angeles is the Con Air of the 21st century.

Out of those I’ve watched, only The King’s Speech and - possibly - Black Swan might make me reconsider my words about Thor being the best thing that’s happened in cinema this year, so far, but I saw both at BFI:LFF back in October and didn’t recall that their theatrical releases were this year.

ETA: Sorry to hijack the topic, I just felt some justification might be required. (But if you can recommend me one of the other movies on the list, Equipoise, feel free! I’m starving here!)

Back on topic, “Bring me a horse!” has now become a house-hold phrase in Casa Guku.


Loki believed that destroying the frost giants was the best way to prove his loyalty to Asgard, but he couldn’t do it willingly without looking like a monster. Instead, the way he did it in the film, he gets the credit for doing what is necessary with a heavy heart, while Thor gets the blame for making it necessary.

That assumes he wants rulership of both realms - Jotunheim isn’t exactly somewhere you want to build a holiday home. Destroying Jotunheim kills everyone Laufey might have told about Loki, and ensures that nobody can ever claim Loki’s loyalty lies with the frost giants.[/SPOILER]

There might be an element of denial to Loki’s plan too - by eliminating ALL the Frost giants, he’ll be excising that entire part of his heritage in a way that it’d never be raised again. Kind of how it’s the closeted gays who are most homophobic. Although I understand Hiddleston is just English :slight_smile:

Saw it last week - absolutely loved it. My reaction was a very solid “wow - this ISN’T a pile of shit!” but it just got better and better. Thor is, for me, an example of how to do CGI right; great for creating imaginary worlds and lending epic to a fight scene, but not as a substitute for a plot or story.

I had no idea Kenneth Branagh was involved in this film. I may go see it.

Wow, I was pumped for this movie long before I knew it was getting good reviews. At first my husband thought I was crazy, but he admitted last night, ‘‘It does actually look kind of awesome.’’

Roeper gave it a good review in the Sun Times as well. Everything I’ve seen about this movie has been fairly positive, so I’m looking forward to seeing it (plus it’s got Kat Dennings, rrrrow).

Anyone who’s seen it, is it OK for kids? I think it’s PG13, so it may be a little too intense for the young’uns.

I just read cnn.com’s review of the movie and they even mentioned that it was (paraphrasing) “On the lighter side of PG-13, so it should garner legions of young fans”.

I am so taking my 9 and 5 year old boys to see this. They’ve seen all the other comic book movies, why stop now?

io9’s review just popped up: “The Best Superhero Movie Since The Dark Knight.” The reviewer recommends the 2D version.

Yes, there’s a picture of Shirtless Thor. But that’s not the reason I might make the effort to see this on the big screen. Well, it’s not the only reason; I do love that Myth & Legend stuff.

While you’re at the site, check out…

Wait… the new Pirates movie is subtitled On Stranger Tides? As in this Tim Powers novel?

<checks IMDB>

Sonuvabitch. I might actually see it now.

Yup. Even the first Pirates movie reminded me of that excellent novel. (Zombie Pirates!) Apparently Tim Powers is actually getting $$$ for this one.

Plus: Ian McShane as Blackbeard–in a scenery-chewing contest with Johnny Depp!

:: Cajun accent ::

It’s all good!

Well shit. I thought was going to be one I could safely ignore… but now you tell me Al Swearengen is in it?

Thor == Good!

And every character was well done. I wish we’d had more time with some minor characters, but they were all still good. The sole exception was Natalie Portman, who manages to fill me with general disgust at her blandness. Despite the claims of her great acting prowess, I’ve never seen her do anything good, much less great. She can’t stand up to the half-named sidekick next to her, much less the larger-than-life personalities around.

I rather enjoyed it. Loki was not exactly a comic book Loki, but had complicated motives that almost made him tragic. And Anthony Hopkins was very good in his supporting role.

We watched it last weekend. It was okay. One of those movies you sort of have to see but not really anything to write home about. These superhero battles at the end are all starting to look alike to me too.

I liked it. :slight_smile: The plot didn’t seem at all complicated or ‘wtf’ to me, though I am not a comic fan and so have no idea how it may have differed from other’s expectations.
One thing though: there was a kiss…the only lip-to-lip kiss in the whole thing…did it look like he didn’t know what to do with his mouth, at ALL? Like she jumped him and he just kinda went with it. It made me think about how mouth-to-mouth kissing isn’t exactly universal, and I wondered if it was the first time he’d come across it. :stuck_out_tongue: