"Thor" movie reviews are coming in hot!

Tomatoed fresh at 94% so far

Did not have high hopes for this based on trailers, but looks like it might be one to see in the theatres after all.

FX has been running previews all day and based on them, I am pretty sure I will see it

Wow, 94% after 52 reviews. I was not expecting that at all. I already planned to see it at the theater, but now I don’t have to lower my expectations so much. :slight_smile:

That is very surprising. I was pumped for this movie until the trailer, which killed my interest.

Wow. I have to say, I’m quite shocked.

The Comic-Con footage was a mess and the real trailer was better but nothing to write home about. I figured Thor would crash and burn (just in time for Marvel to minimize him in The Avengers actually). Guess I was wrong.

It’s been shown to American and British critics, people you’d expect to be sharpening their claws and frantically figuring out how to out-snark each other, but the response has been glowing. I follow a LOT of critics/bloggers on Twitter and scrolling through my feeds I haven’t seen one bad thing said. One or two were more “meh” but not scornful.

There will be many more reviews up next Wed-Fri and my guess is that it will stay in the 90’s or upper 80’s.

It is Kenneth Branagh, after all.

Amazingly enough, most of them seem to like Fast Five as well.

Well, there’s been a complete dearth of any worthwhile movies since Christmas, so I expect they’re glad just to be able to do their jobs. (Saw it with the madam and two friends on friday - we liked it. Some good laughs, some cheap ones, lots of blurry fighting and not-quite 3D effects.)

It’s most definintely a movie that’s saved by its’ sense of self-irony. Good times were had.

I’ve seen it. It’s good.

It’s Helmsworth’s movie, and he’s like Hugh Jackman was in 2000 - a complete unknown who came in from nowhere and made the role his own.

Sadly, I think Captain America is actually going to be lamedog.
I am happy that Thor is getting such good reviews, though.

Dunno, Chris Evans is rather good usually (he really was a cool Torch), and Johnson (Johnston? never remember) has a few solid adventure movies under his belt.

It was good, it didn’t take itself seriously (the “Xena, Jackie Chan, Robin Hood…” line cracked me up) and the only downside was the blurry action sequences which seems to be SOP nowadays. Also *very *much a Kirby awareness in the design styles of both Asgard and Jottunheim, so I enjoyed it for that too.

ETA - I am cautiously optimistic about Captain America because Evans really was the best bit of the *FF *movies, but I’m thinking Green Lantern is going to kick butt if they’re released at anything close to similar dates.

ETA I see they’re pegged for release a month apart, so no worries there.

Yup, saw it last week. Pleasantly surprised.

I liked all the little nods to the the other Avengers. One of the scientists worked with “a Gamma-ray physicist” who has disappeared. And Hawkeye makes a little cameo.

Shame he didn’t shoot at anything

My only problem was Loki. What the hell was his goal? I can understand everything up until…

He tried to destry the Frost Giants planet, with the Bifrost. I thought his goal was going to be setting himself up as ruler of both realms (given his origin), but that last 20 minutes or so had me scratching his head.

He wanted his daddy - Odin - to love him. That’s it in a nutshell.

What? That is just about as far away from the truth as you could possibly get. Of course it depends on where a person lives and if they have narrow taste in movies, but for those lucky enough to live where there’s good cinema and who have eclectic taste, there’s been a wealth of riches, movie-wise (this coming from someone who’s seen 157 movies in the theater since January 1). And that’s not counting those fortunate enough to see festival films.

Even usually unfortunate multiplex-only folks have had many many good movies to choose from.

Would you recommend seeing the more expensive 3D version? I’ve heard a few people say that the 3D effects are a little distracting and not that great.

I saw it in 3D and wish I hadn’t.

And I generally like 3D.

I thought this thread would have more posts. I guess this indicates the movie won’t do all that well, which is a pity. I watched it today with a friend and thought it was very fun. Agree with the reviewers that say that it’s almost a let down when all the superhero stuff happens, because the rest is so good. It ain’t great or anything, but I’d definitely recommend it to someone who just wished to be entertained awhile.

I’m in the US, west coast, and it hasn’t even opened here yet. Not until Thursday.
So…expect more reviews after this weekend, I’d imagine.

I don’t know if this is any indication of how it will do, but I was at a theatre that was showing a sneak peak last night and the line wrapped around the building with many costumed characters. I was shocked that they got that kind of turn out for Thor. They said it was showing on 2 screens and they were going to have to turn away at least 200 people.