Thor: Ragnarok trailer

Look great IMO.
I was wondering if Marvel was ever going to use “Immigrant Song” in a Thor movie.
“He’s a friend from work!”

Looks fun!

Dammit, November is too far away!

<Insert Futurama “Shut Up And Take My Money” GIF here>

If only for the Executioner with autos. We all know where that’s going…“the answer is always the same.”

And the rest is brilliant.

Oh, and can I be the first to say, Goth looks mighty fine on Cate Blanchette. Hela fine.

Marvel doesn’t own the rights to do stand alone Hulk movies so they shoehorn Planet Hulk into a Thor movie. Still, I would like to see it and hopefully it is a better movie than The Dark World was.

Who produced the 2008 Incredible Hulk movie, then?

This is what I remember when I hear this song. :slight_smile:

I’m hoping that he defeats the Hulk, and afterwards has to face Darryl.

They do, they just haven’t been successful with standalone Hulk movies and have decided he works better as a guest star.

Which brings us full circle back to Mew Mew…

As per, it looks as if they have the rights to make the movie, but Universal has the option to distribute it, which was what happened with the 2008 movie. So both the box office track record for standalone Hulk movies and the cost of making a distribution deal with Universal are probably weighing on Marvel’s decision.

I don’t know if it’s just the way the trailer is cut, or the movie as a whole but it has a very different vibe to what I was expecting. Not a bad thing necessarily just odd, especially those uber-80’s graphics.

I liked it though, laughed myself stupid at 'We know each, he’s a friend from work"

More correctly, they have the right of first refusal on distribution. Of course, Marvel could make the terms such that they will refuse. Their motivation to do that would, of course, depend on if they thought a new Hulk standalone would make money, which I expect depends on the outcome of the upcoming Thor:Ragnarok andInfinity War movies.

Note that that movie pre-dates Marvel becoming a Disney brand, which opens up a guaranteed distributor if Universal balks. That article also seems unaware he was showing up in Thor, which I think has been known for at least a year.

ETA: n/m, I see now that’s an article form early 2015 and Hulk being in this one was only announced Nov 2015

I’m never crazy about seeing Mjolnir getting damaged and / or destroyed, but aside from that, the movie looks pretty entertaining.

It looks like Guardians of the Galaxy, which makes sense since it’s a “space” setting.

That actually doesn’t look too bad—well, except for Jeff Goldblum, who just isn’t the mascara type.

Nice to see the helmet wings make an appearance.

“He’s a friend from work.” <snicker>

Beyond the rights I think they are convinced a solo Hulk movie wouldn’t sell as well anyway.

The first teaser trailer for Thor: Ragnarok is up, and it’s looking pretty good. Some spooky, some cosmic, lots of colour, and funny!

I hope they haven’t decided that Thor needs to go the way of Guardians of the Galaxy, with all sorts of silliness, instead of gritty story lines highlighting the interaction of Asgard with the other worlds around it, including our own. :frowning:

Okay, that looks… potentially awesome, though it does remind me of a DC storyline in which an below-peak Superman got roped into gladiator combat on Mongul’s Warworld.