Those annoying "dancing" ads

Several months ago, someone made a post about those annoying dancing ads that are on a lot of websites. Another poster offered a very easy solution to block the animation or the ad all together.

I had to completely reformat my computer today and unfortunately, I didn’t bookmark the thread when I read it months ago. :smack: I’m fairly certain it was in GQ but I’m not positive and I don’t have the strength to search through another forum, page by page, for the past six months.

I’d really appreciate it if someone could offer some assistance.

If you use Firefox, try the Adblock Plus extension in conjunction with Flashblock.

I run IE and from what I can recall, the solution mentioned in that other thread was as simple as adding a line to a file on the PC. Wow, that was vague enough, huh? It’s the best I can remember.

Thank you for the response, Reply.

You mean adding an entry to your HOSTS file to block hijackers, advertisers, and other stupid stuff?

My HOSTS file is pretty healthy these days. In fact, you can download a big one from that page which lists a multitude of known addresses of … dubious intent.