Those brave pro-Morsi protesters

For those who don’t want to click: this documents a staged protest where people freeze in dramatic poses for the cameras, with fake blood galore, and people taking care of fake wounded.

As I said in my previous thread - Egyptian protesters have been taking lessons from Pallywood. Palestinians have been doing this for years.

Makes you wonder, doesn’t it, just how many pictures you see in reports from the Middle East are originated in such staged circumstances?

I was just in Egypt and it’s kind of interesting how both sides basically accuse the other of the absolute worst.

Apparently, the Pro- Morsi group is:
*a bunch of actual terrorists
*paying people to protest for them
*shipping people from the countryside to Cairo and Alexandria to make their numbers seem bigger
*just a puppet organization for Obama and the Jews
*hurting themselves or each other intentionally to make their injuries look worse
*less than 3% of the population
*did I mention that they are actual terrorists?

Meanwhile, the Anti-Morsi group is:
*a blood-thirsty mob
*not real protesters-- the military is actually paying everyone to be there
*violently attacking the other side totally unprovoked
*just a puppet organization for Obama, the Jews, and the Egyptian military elite
*exaggerating their numbers to get global political support
*an organization that hates democracy
Basically, I came away from the trip with friends who protest for each side who have passionately and rationally explained their positions to me. . . but I still don’t pretend to know enough to have an opinion of my own. Clearly, there’s a lot of. . . passion in the streets there. Passion isn’t always accurate information.

What is “Pallywood”?

Documented cases of Palestinians staging scenes for the media to propagate.