Those damn $400 rebate offers...

This shit really pisses me off. If you want the real price of ANYTHING in a newspaper circular anymore, you have to add $400 to the
price that’s in HUGE 30 point text to get the actual price. It’s not just limited to computers either. I’ve seen all sorts of stuff that looked like really incredible deals until you read that you have to sign up with a shitty ISP at a shitty price for 3 years to get the deal.

This sort of advertising is misleading as hell and I refuse to patronize any business that publishes this garbage.

Yeah, like I’m gonna give up my cable modem and sign up with (AOL-owned) Compuserve just to get a good deal on a washer/dryer. FUCK YOU CSERVE!!! FUCK YOU MSN!!!

Ahh that feels better.

Amen to that!

Those deals assume that I’ll still be trying to download at 56K 3 years from now. If I’m getting a P600+, I’m going with DSN or a cable modem. Otherwise what’s the point?

And don’t you have to pay sales tax on the rebate?