Those of you of a certain age, resolve this marital dispute.

Hubby turns on the Wii to watch a movie on Netflix and I tell him to stop on the Wii fit channel. “Exercise, exercise!” he sings. “Come on everybody do your exercise!” I finish.

We agree on the song but not where it came from. He thinks Electric Company or some other PBS kids programing. I’m sure it’s Wonderama. You all remember Wonderama, don’t you?

'Tis Wonderama. Wonderama - Wikipedia

2 Points if you “…annnnd… FREEZE!”

Hubby is surprised since he considers himself a Wonderama expert ever since his niece won an Apollo bike on Disco City. Looking at the Wiki entry I’m saddened at what a small section of the country enjoyed the kidtasticness of Wonderama. That’s where I learned that Kids Are People Too!

It’s “Wonderama” - I met Bob McAllister, once, at an autograph signing in New Jersey, when I was 8 or so. I think it was at a “Rickles” (a chain of hardware stores).

What a trip down memory lane, that Wikipedia article. But. Oh. My. {[non-]deity}. Sonny Fox is still alive?!? Mazel Tov! I guess…

Never heard of it. I don’t think we had it in the Bay Area.

Absolutely Wonderama. I can still sing this song from memory from my days watching it (hosted by Bob McAllister) when I was a kid. I lived in southern California (near Santa Barbara and Ventura) and we got it on a channel out of LA, I believe.